Why Is Youtube Red So Bad

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Why Is YouTube Red So Bad?

YouTube Red is a subscription-based streaming service, which offers exclusive videos and ad-free content. It has faced a lot of criticism from viewers, since its launch in 2015. So, why is YouTube Red so bad? Let’s take a look.

Limited and Expensive

The main issue with YouTube Red is the limited content it offers. It does not offer access to a wide selection of films and only two genres of music. This makes it hard for viewers to access the content they want. Furthermore, YouTube Red can be quite expensive, costing $10 per month for access. This may be too expensive for some viewers and could be seen as a barrier to entry.

Poor Quality Content

The content on YouTube Red is generally of lower quality than other streaming services. Most of the content is pre-recorded and there is not much original content available. The few exclusive films and shows available have been met with mixed reviews, with some commenters citing poor production quality and sub-par acting.

Lack of User Engagement

YouTube Red also suffers from a lack of user engagement. The service does not offer social features, such as the ability to comment or connect with other users. This can make it difficult for viewers to interact with the content, leading to a lack of user engagement.


In conclusion, YouTube Red is a subscription-based streaming service, which offers a limited selection of content and is quite expensive. Furthermore, the content available is of poor quality and it lacks user engagement features. Because of this, many people find YouTube Red to be a bad service.

How has YouTube Red’s popularity changed over time?

YouTube Red’s popularity has significantly risen over time. According to statistics released in 2018, there were over 20 million global subscribers to YouTube Red, up from just a few million in 2016 when it was first launched. This growth is largely attributed to the success of its original programming, which have been highly praised by viewers. Additionally, the platform has expanded its reach to more than 100 countries, making it increasingly accessible to a larger audience. This combined with more attractive subscription plans have helped the platform to become increasingly popular and relevant.

What are the most unpopular aspects of YouTube Red?

The most unpopular aspects of YouTube Red include:

1. High subscription cost

2. Limited content

3. Ads appearing in videos even after you pay

4. Inability to access some YouTube content

5. No regular new releases

6. No real benefits for subscribers

7. Lack of customer support

8. Lack of user choice when it comes to the content in YouTube Red.

Does YouTube Red provide enough value to justify its cost?

Yes, YouTube Red provides enough value to justify its cost. With YouTube Red, users have access to ad-free video content and exclusive access to original series and movies. Additionally, they also have access to exclusive audio-only music streaming and access to Google Play Music. For users who frequently watch YouTube videos, or listen to music on the platform, it is an excellent value for the cost.

What is the main source of dissatisfaction with YouTube Red?

The main source of dissatisfaction with YouTube Red is the lack of content available to subscribers. Many users have complained that they can’t find the content they like and that the selection is limited. Additionally, some users have also expressed frustration with the cost of the subscription, which is priced higher than other streaming services.

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