Why Is The Youtube Link Like: “http://youtu.be …” And Not Youtube.com

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Why Is The Youtube Link Like: “http://youtu.be …” And Not Youtube.com?

Have you ever wondered why YouTube links are formatted differently than other link types? You may have come across links that start with http://youtu.be and were curious what they were, and why they weren’t like other YouTube links.

YouTube links typically look like youtube.com/…. Links that begin with youtu.be are called shortened links, and they have many advantages over regular YouTube URLs.

Shortened YouTube links are simply URLs that have been condensed for easier sharing. Instead of having a lengthy URL (i.e. https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=yGDGDSYXNE), the link will be condensed to only the main part of the URL (i.e. youtu.be/yXDDSDYXNE). This makes it easier and quicker to share the video without having to worry about the long and complex URL.

There are several advantages to using shortened YouTube links over longer ones, including:

  1. They are easier to remember. Because the links are shorter and simpler, they tend to be easier to remember (and type or spell correctly).
  2. They are shorter and less complex. Because the links are shorter, they are less likely to experience any link degradation over longer URLs.
  3. They look cleaner and more professional. Again, because the links are shorter and simpler, they look cleaner and more professional, which is conducive to a good web experience.

Creating a shortened YouTube link is easy. Just copy the YouTube URL, then paste it into a link-shortener website like Bitly. You can then copy the generated link, and share it with your friends. It’s that simple!


Shortened YouTube links are a great way to make sharing videos easier and faster. Not only are they easier to remember and type, but they also look cleaner, more professional, and less complex. If you have never used a shortened YouTube link before, give it a try and see the difference for yourself.

Youtube shortens “http://youtu.be” links by using a unique 11 character alphanumeric string that denotes the video’s specific id. This unique string can be added to the end of the “http://youtu.be/” URL to create a shorter URL.

Yes, there are some drawbacks when using the “http://youtu.be” format for sharing YouTube links. First, it can be more difficult for some users to remember and type a shortened version of the YouTube link. Additionally, the viewer may not have as much information about the video from the shortened link, so they have to watch the video to find out more. Finally, it can be harder to track data with shorter links, such as how many people watch the video, who watches it, and which links are shared most often.

The YouTube link format is shortened to http://youtu.be/… to make it easier to share YouTube videos on other platforms, such as social media, as the shortened link takes up less space. It also makes it easier to remember and type the link.

Using the “http://youtu.be” format for sharing YouTube links has several benefits. First, it is a shorter and more concise URL, which makes it easier to remember and share. Additionally, the YouTube link is already shortened, making it simpler to include in other websites or emails that have character limits. Last, the link redirects directly to the video, saving users from having to locate the video manually.

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