Why Is The Homepage Of My Youtube Channel Showing ‘this Channel Doesn’t Have Any Content’ And The Videos Only Appear When The ‘videos’ Category Is Clicked

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Why Is The Homepage Of My Youtube Channel Showing ‘This Channel Doesn’t Have Any Content’ And The Videos Only Appear When The ‘Videos’ Category Is Clicked?

If you recently opened your YouTube channel and found the message ‘this channel doesn’t have any content’ on the homepage, you are probably wondering why your videos are not showing up in the homepage.

The answer lies in the fact that YouTube requires new channels to have at least three videos with more than 10k views before the videos can be visible on the homepage. If your channel is new and doesn’t have three videos with 10k views, then the videos won’t be visible from the homepage, and you’ll need to click on the ‘Videos’ tab to see them.

This policy was introduced by YouTube to make sure that only quality channels are being showcased in the homepage. YouTube does this to reduce the noise on its platform, and make sure its viewers only see the best content available.

Once your channel reaches the three-video threshold and gets more than 10k views, YouTube will automatically start showing your videos in the homepage. So, keep creating content and promoting your channel, and you’ll eventually meet the criteria.

In addition to the three-video threshold requirement, YouTube also has certain videos that it considers to be “explicit” or “mature”, and will not be shown in the homepage. Explicit videos include anything that is sexual or violent in nature, and mature videos include anything that is strongly debated or controversial.

So if your videos fall into any of these categories, your content won’t be visible on the homepage. You’ll have to go the ‘Videos’ tab to view them.

To sum it up, if you see ‘this channel doesn’t have any content’ on your YouTube channel homepage, it is likely because you don’t have three videos with more than 10k views or your videos fall into the categories of explicit or mature. If that’s the case, the videos will only be visible from the ‘Videos’ category.

What are some ways to optimize the design of my Youtube channel homepage?

1. Brand your page: Ensure your page is branded with your logo, colors, and messaging.

2. Utilize white space: An uncluttered homepage allows for easy navigation and better user experience.

3. Include visuals: This can be channel artwork, video thumbnails, or featured video clips.

4. Organize content: Group your content into sections and categorize them accordingly for easy user navigation.

5. Use attractive fonts: Choose a font style and color scheme that is attractive and stands out from other channel thumbnails.

6. Systemize your information: Make sure information is organized and up-to-date.

7. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly: Make sure your homepage works on mobile devices.

8. Use call-to-action: Prompt viewers to sign up, watch videos and give feedback.

9. Promote yourself: Place links to your website, social media accounts, and contacts.

10. Update regularly: Keep users coming back by updating your page with fresh content.

How can I make sure all my Youtube videos appear under their respective category?

To make sure your YouTube videos appear under the appropriate category, you will need to add appropriate tags to your videos. When you upload a video, you will have the opportunity to add tags before you hit ‘Publish.’ These tags should accurately describe the content of your video and will help Youtube identify which category it should appear under. Additionally, you can also go to Video Manager on your account, select each video, and edit the tags to add or remove them.

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