Why Is Meghan Markle So Hated By Lady Colin Campbell

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Why Is Meghan Markle So Hated By Lady Colin Campbell?

Lady Colin Campbell, an author and public figure, is highly critical of Meghan Markle and her involvement in the British Royal Family. It is quite baffling why she holds such a vehement hatred for the Duchess. One possible explanation for why Campbell has so much disdain for Markle is her views on the Royal Family and women in general.

The Royal Family

Campbell has long been a proponent for upholding strict traditional customs with the Royal Family, which Markle and her husband have failed to adhere to. Here are some reasons why Campbell believes their behaviour is an affront to the Order:

  • Challenging the status quo: Campbell believes that the Royal Family should continue to maintain their standards and not challenge the established customs. She views the royal couple’s recent actions as a direct challenge to the status quo.
  • Strict Royal Protocol: Campbell has raised issue with how Markle failed to stick to traditional Royal Protocols, such as refusing to curtsey to other superior royals as a sign of respect.
  • Unconventional decisions: Campbell finds the couple’s decision to step down from their Royal Duties, go on lengthy vacations, and take to the media to air their grievances as both inappropriate and unnecessary.

Views on Women

Beyond vexation for the Royal Family, it seems Campbell’s views on women and feminism may have influenced her views on Markle as well.

  • Referring to herself as a “real” woman: Campbell is recorded making remarks on how she is a “real” woman in comparison to Markle
  • Questioning her feminism: Campbell has voiced her doubts on how Markle is a feminist, often pointing out conflicts within the Duchess’ actions and words.

It is safe to say that Lady Colin Campbell’s views on the Royal Family, as well as her views on women, have certainly shaped how she perceives Meghan Markle. Her beliefs on the strict protocols and traditions that should be upheld by the Royal Family, as well as her own questionable views on women and feminism, are likely the primary reasons for her disdain of Meghan Markle.

2. Why does Lady Colin Campbell have such a strong dislike for Meghan Markle?

Lady Colin Campbell has a long-standing feud with the British Royal Family, and in particular, with Meghan Markle. She has publicly criticized Meghan Markle and has accused her of “using” Prince Harry for personal gain. Lady Colin Campbell has also accused Meghan Markle of causing a rift amongst the royal family and for tarnishing their image. Furthermore, she has alleged Meghan Markle’s behavior is untraditional and undignified for a member of the British Royal Family.

1. What is Lady Colin Campbell’s opinion of Meghan Markle?

Lady Colin Campbell is very critical of Meghan Markle and the way she has conducted herself since marrying Prince Harry. Her main criticisms are relating to Meghan’s “sense of entitlement,” her assuming a more important position than warranted by her rank, and her making decisions without considering how it would impact the Royal Family.

5. What steps can be taken to bridge the divide between Meghan Markle and Lady Colin Campbell?

There is no easy answer to this question and it may not be possible to bridge the divide between Meghan Markle and Lady Colin Campbell. However, some possible steps that could be taken to begin the process include:

1. Mutual Respect: Those close to both parties should work to promote and foster respect for both, acknowledging each person’s strengths and equally important place in society.

2. Compromise: Finding areas of common ground through compromise may help create space for conversation and dialogue.

3. Perspective: Encourage both parties to not solely focus on their own opinions and perspective, but to consider how they would view the situation if they were in the other person’s position.

4. Open Dialogue: Take steps towards open and honest dialogue that focus on understanding each other and looking for mutually beneficial solutions.

5. Mediation: If possible, consider bringing a mediator into the mix who can help facilitate dialogue and reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

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