Why Is It So Much Easier To Block Youtube Ads On A Pc Than It Is On A Smartphone

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Why Is It So Much Easier To Block Youtube Ads On A PC Than It Is On A Smartphone?

Have you ever noticed that blocking YouTube ads on a PC seems incredibly easy, while it’s seemingly a struggle to do the same thing on a smartphone? The answer lies in the technical differences between the two devices, and understanding how it works will help you prevent ads from disrupting your YouTube viewing experience.

Ad Blockers: PC vs. Smartphone

What allows for ad blocking on a PC is the use of user-installed browser extensions. PC browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, come with the ability to install such extensions, so it’s a simple process of finding an appropriate ad blocker and enabling it. However, this functionality isn’t natively available on most smartphones.

Smartphones usually don’t allow users to install browser extensions, which means third-party ad blockers are impossible to use. This means the user must use whatever ad blockers the browser or mobile operating system offers. Unfortunately, mobile operating systems and browsers are notorious for their limited ad-blocking capabilities.

Google’s Ad-Blocking Practices

Another reason blocking YouTube ads is so much easier on a PC is because of Google. Google is well aware that people don’t like ads appearing in their YouTube videos, so it uses various tactics to make it difficult to block ads on mobile devices.

Google prevents users from disabling ads within the YouTube mobile app, for example. And on Android devices, it goes so far as to restrict users from uninstalling the YouTube app in order to block ads. This makes it almost impossible to use a third-party ad blocker to block YouTube ads on a smartphone.


Blocking YouTube ads on a PC is significantly easier than doing the same on a smartphone due to the differences in the two types of devices. Smartphones don’t offer user-installed browser extensions and Google restricts users from uninstalling the YouTube app, thereby eliminating many effective ad-blocking options. So if you’re looking for a seamless YouTube viewing experience, it’s best to use a PC or utilize other streaming services.

How has the increased prevalence of mobile ads impacted user experience?

The increased prevalence of mobile ads has impacted user experience in several ways. First, it has changed the way users interact with their mobile devices. Ads that automatically play sound or take up the entire screen can be intrusive and annoying, leading to a poor user experience. This can lead to users uninstalling apps or even disabling ads altogether.

Second, the increased prevalence of mobile ads has led to a decrease in the success of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. With more ads competing for user attention, the cost to deliver ads has gone up significantly, making it difficult for marketers to turn a profit from their campaigns.

Finally, the increase in mobile ads has made it challenging for users to find the content they are looking for. With ads taking up a larger portion of the page, users may have difficulty locating what they are looking for beneath all the advertisements.

Overall, the increased prevalence of mobile ads has impacted user experience in a negative way, leading to more intrusive and annoying ads, reduced click-through rates, and a decrease in user satisfaction.

How can a person go about blocking Youtube ads on their smartphone?

There are a few different methods for blocking YouTube ads on a smartphone. The first is to install a third-party ad blocker, such as Adguard or AdBlock Plus. Both of these are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and will block most forms of advertisements, including YouTube ads.

Another option is to switch to the YouTube Premium subscription, which gives users ad-free access to YouTube and YouTube Music.

Finally, some users may utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to route their internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel, which can prevent the delivery of targeted ads.

Each of these methods will provide varying degrees of success and effectiveness, so it is best to compare the options and determine which one is the best for an individual’s personal needs.

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