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Why is always the same person on top viewers on my Instagram story

Why Is Always the Same Person on Top of My Instagram Story Viewers?

Social media is a great tool for connecting people with their friends and family, and seeing what’s happening in the world. Instagram seems to be the most popular platform at the moment.

One of the core features Instagram offers is the ability to share ‘stories’ – videos and photos that remain visible for 24 hours. Furthermore, the stories are viewable by other users and the Instagram algorithm keeps track of who viewed them.

Is It a Bug?

When looking at the list of viewers on our story, it seems odd to see the same name always at the top. This might make some people think that there’s a bug with the algorithms. However, the reason is less concerning: it’s likely that the same person visits our stories a lot, which causes them to be listed at the top time after time.

Why Would someone Always Be Interested in Your Story?

That person could be:

  • A Close Friend: it’s very likely that a close friend would always be interested in our stories and photos. They might be the first ones to view them when they appear on their Feed.
  • A Virtual Stalker: while this may sound a bit alarming, it’s unlikely, but possible. It’s not a good idea to rule out every possibility.
  • A Social Media Marketer or Influencer: these people are always looking for opportunities to increase their reach, so they could be looking at our stories to find inspiring content or content that could be of use for them.

How to Stop Inconspicuous Visitors?

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with the idea that the same person might always be stalking us on social media, there are a couple of ways to stop them.

  • Make Your Account Private: if you make your account private, only the people you choose to accept as followers will be able to see your stories and photos.
  • Turn Off Story Viewer Viewers: this way you can stop the algorithm from keeping track of who’s viewing our stories, which could work to prevent that same person from always appearing on the top.


We can all agree that social media provides a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, and to keep abreast of current news and trends. Yet, it can also cause some confusion if the same person is always on top of the story viewers list. That person could be a longtime friend or just someone curious about what’s going on in our life. In any case, if we ever feel uncomfortable, it’s possible to make our accounts private or turn off the story viewers viewers feature to stop them from lurking.

2. How long has the same person been the top viewer on my Instagram story?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide information on how long a particular user has been the top viewer on your story. You can view the list of viewers on a story, but you will not be able to know how long any one viewer has been at the top of the list.

1. Who is the top viewer on my Instagram story and why?

The top viewer on your Instagram story will be the person who has watched your story the most times. This could either be a friend or family member who is a regular viewer, or it could be someone who recently discovered your story from your post and went through it multiple times.

4. Are there any measures I can take to prevent the same person from constantly being the top viewer of my story?

There are a few things that you can do to try to prevent someone from constantly being the top viewer of your story. First, try to limit the number of people that have access to the story. If possible, make the story private and only allow certain people to view it.

Another option is to use a content filter. This type of filter would prevent certain people from viewing the story based on certain criteria, such as age or location.

Finally, you could also delete any comments or messages from the top viewer to make them feel unwelcome and discourage them from continuing to view the story.

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