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Why Don’t Rick Roll Videos Get Flagged By The Content Id Bot On Youtube

Why Don’t Rick Roll Videos Get Flagged By The Content Id Bot On Youtube

Ah, the infamous Rick Roll—a famous Internet meme first launched in 2007 and still being used by pranksters today. You’ve seen it before, the classic bait-and-switch technique, usually in the form of a link promising a video full of goodies: a Kanye West video, a secret video of Obama, and so on. But, when you click the link, you’ll be sent to none other than the celebrated Rick Astley jam Never Gonna Give You Up.

It’s good fun and all but it’s not something that YouTube’s Content ID system appreciates. So, why is it that Rick Roll videos don’t get flagged and removed by YouTube’s copyright protection tools?

YouTube’s “Fair Use” Policy and how it Relates to Rick Roll Videos

The short answer is that YouTube has long stood by its “fair use” policy. This policy states that copyright holders should not prevent any user from “critiquing, commenting on, or expressing fundamentally different opinion or viewpoint from, or otherwise using the well-known work in a transformative way.” You can find more information about this policy here.

This means that a Rick Roll video—which is usually used as a form of criticism—could qualify as fair use under YouTube’s Content ID system. YouTube has also stated that its Content ID system should “not flag parody and satire video unless the use is more extensive than necessary to create the parody or satire effect.” This gives Rick Roll videos just enough leeway in order to not get flagged.


Although it’s possible for copyright holders to report a Rick Roll video, it’s very unlikely that the video will be taken down unless the usage goes beyond just a brief clip. Since Rick Roll videos typically use the clip for no longer than 10-15 seconds, they usually don’t qualify as extensive enough use.

So, there you have it; Rick Rollers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the Content ID system isn’t out to get them. Or, as the wise Rick Astley once said, Never Gonna Give You Up!

Are there any other measures in place that work in tandem with the Content ID Bot to prevent Rick Roll videos?

Yes, YouTube also utilizes a manual review team to detect copyrighted material. The manual review team assesses flagged videos and determines if they violate YouTube’s copyright policy. In addition to the Content ID Bot and manual review team, YouTube also relies on other systems, such as its Stabilization technology, which detects and removes videos with low-quality audio or visuals.

What specific measures has YouTube taken to prevent Rick Roll videos?

YouTube has implemented a variety of measures to prevent Rick Roll videos from appearing in search results and recommendations. The main measure implemented is an algorithm that detects and flags Rick Roll content. This algorithm is able to detect a video that includes the sequence of events needed for the video to be considered a Rick Roll. This algorithm has been finding and flagging these videos since 2009. Other measures taken by YouTube include adding an age-gate to videos that are deemed as potential Rick Roll videos, as well as disabling embedding and sharing on these videos. YouTube has also taken steps to provide more visibility to copyright holders and channel owners, to ensure they are notified anytime their content is used in a Rick Roll video.

Are there any other examples of videos that the Content ID Bot is often unable to effectively flag?

Yes, there are several types of content that the Content ID Bot is often unable to flag effectively. These include user-generated content that has been modified or edited in any way (i.e. slowed down, sped up, or contains added effects such as coloration); videos with music or audio clips that use the same instrumentation, tones, or melodies from another track; live performances of copyrighted songs; and videos with incidental copyrighted content (such as a logo or branded product in the background).

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