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Why Does Youtube Run Ads In The Middle Of Their Videos

Why Does Youtube Run Ads In The Middle Of Their Videos?

Youtube generates revenue through ads, and videos featuring ads that run in between playing videos are commonly known as ‘pre-roll ads’. Pre-roll ads are a way for Youtube to monetize content that is uploaded to its platform. Youtube earns money from these ads, as advertisers pay either when a viewer clicks on the ad or completes a short video watching it. While Youtube doesn’t have to run ads, it certainly makes sense for them to include them in order to generate the revenue they need to keep the site running.

The Benefits of Pre-roll Ads

Pre-roll ads offer powerful advantages for both Youtube and their advertisers. For starters, they let advertisers reach their target audiences in a more efficient way. On the other hand, they provide Youtube with additional revenue they can use to provide new services and imporve existing ones to make the platform more attractive.

Some of the key benefits of pre-roll ads are:

  • Higher Revenue: Pre-roll ads provide Youtube with a way to increase their revenue when compared to other promotional strategies.
  • Efficient Marketing: Pre-roll ads allow advertisers to reach their target audiences with more accuracy, as they can select specific videos to target.
  • Incentivize Creators: Pre-roll ads provide an incentive for content creators to upload videos regularly, as there is potential for additional revenue.
  • Increase Reach: Youtube’s algorithm makes it easy for viewers to find content that is relevant to them, which helps advertisers increase their reach.

What Can We Do To Stop Ads?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to stop Youtube from running ads in the middle of their videos. However, there are a few things you can do to limit the number of ads you see. First, you can use an ad blocker, which will block all ads from appearing in your videos. Second, you can set up Ads Personalization, which will limit the types of ads you see by only serving ads relevant to your interests. Lastly, you can purchase Youtube Premium, which will remove all ads from your Youtube experience.


Youtube runs ads in the middle of their videos to generate revenue and incentivize content creators. While it may not be ideal for viewers to have ads inserted in between their videos, the benefits that Youtube and the advertisers get from them make it worth it. Fortunately, there are ways to limit the amount of ads you see, such as using an ad blocker or purchasing Youtube Premium.

What are the costs and benefits of running ads in the middle of Youtube videos?

The costs of running an ad in the middle of a Youtube video vary depending on many factors, such as the length of the video, the type of audience you’re targeting, and the length of the ad itself. Generally, if you’re using a third-party service to run an ad, the cost per viewer will range anywhere from $0.10 to $2.00 or more.

The benefits of running ads in the middle of Youtube videos can be numerous. For one, you can target a very specific audience and demographic by selecting a video based on its content and the audience it typically reaches. Furthermore, viewers can’t skip through your ad like they can traditional TV commercials, so there is a much greater chance that people will actually view your ad. Additionally, choosing Youtube for ad placement allows you to track metrics and analytics to measure the success of your campaign. Lastly, with the rise of video marketing, running an ad in the middle of a Youtube video could give your business greater visibility and establish you as a leader in the industry.

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