Why Does Youtube Keep Kicking Me Out On The Android App I Swear It’s On Purpose Every Time I Watch A Video 30 Minutes In, It Kicks Me Out To The Home Screen & Then Changes The Videos Algorithm I Swear They Do It Just So We Can Watch Other New Videos

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Why Does Youtube Keep Kicking Me Out On The Android App?

Do you ever experience being kicked out of the Youtube app while you were watching a video on your Android device? It surely is annoying, and it can ruin your day. There is a possibility that Youtube is purposely doing this in order to increase their watch time and help people find other videos. The good news is, we have gathered some unique information that could help you out.

The Algorithm Change

Youtube does occasionally change its algorithm, which means the ways it interacts and suggests videos for its users. This was a result of an intentional decision to try and make Youtube a better experience for its viewers. When these changes happen, the watch time for the video you were watching might have already exceeded its assignment. This could cause the algorithm to change, thus leading to the app to kick you out of the video.

Frequent App Crashes

The second reason why the Youtube app might be kicking you out could be because of frequent app crashes. It can be really annoying if the app crashes while you are trying to watch a video. Unfortunately, this is a common issue that users face on Youtube. The app is constantly trying to improve and update its system, which could lead to some of these frequent crashes.

Youtube Monetization

Another reason why the Youtube app might be kicking you out could be for monetization purposes. Youtube is a free platform that relies on its advertising to generate revenue. Some of the videos will have monetization tags, which means YouTube will kick you out after a certain period of time in order to generate more views on the video. This helps Youtube recover some of its costs, but it also forces users to watch more videos.


The bottom line is, there is no definitive answer as to why the Youtube app might be kicking you out on your Android device. However, the most common issues could be because of algorithm changes, frequent app crashes, and monetization. The best way to solve this problem is to keep your app up to date and contact Youtube’s customer support if the problem persists.

Have you tried force-quitting the app and restarting it?

Yes, that can sometimes fix the problem. It clears the memory of the app and can sometimes resolve issues that are related to the app not functioning properly.

What steps have you already taken to solve this issue with the YouTube app?


1. Restarted the device and relaunched the YouTube app.

2. Checked my internet connection and ran a speed test.

3. Cleared YouTube app’s cache and storage.

4. Uninstalled and reinstalled the YouTube app.

5. Checked for any available YouTube app updates in the Google Play Store.

6. Disabled and re-enabled my device’s background applications.

7. Checked my device’s permissions settings and granted YouTube access to everything it needs.

8. Contacted my device’s manufacturer to see if there are any fixes or updates available.

What exact versions of the Android OS and YouTube app are you running?

The exact version of the Android OS will depend on the device model and brand. To check the version of the YouTube app, open the YouTube app and tap on the Menu icon, then tap on ‘Settings’ and then tap on ‘About’. The version information will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Could this be caused by insufficient phone storage or cached data?

It is possible that insufficient phone storage or cached data could cause slow phone performance, but it would depend on the specific issue and the amount of free space and cached data present. Other causes of slow phone performance could include a lack of RAM or a faulty software update.

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