Why Do Youtubers Want To Hide Their Subscriber Count

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Why Do YouTubers Want To Hide Their Subscriber Count?

YouTube can be a tough place to break into for aspiring content creators; for those who would like to one day make their living streaming video games or creating video content. This can be made even harder by the constantly fluctuating subscriber counts visible on everyone’s profile.

Many well-known content creators have recently decided to turn off their subscriber counts, leaving many viewers and subscribers wondering why they’re doing this. Here’s what we know so far.


Competition between streamers can be fierce, and while healthy competition can be a good thing, it can also lead to streamers feeling anxious and pressured. Having personal subscriber count visible to everyone only serves to make the competition even more palpable and intense for some.

Decreasing Viewers

Another reason YouTubers may want to hide their subscriber count is that it can be disheartening to watch as the number of subscribers goes down. Seeing these numbers drop can be daunting, leading some to feel like they’re failing.

Easing Pressure

Some content creators want to hide their subscriber count to ease the stress and anxiety that comes along with streaming and creating video content. Pressure to gain (and maintain) subscribers can be high, especially with the knowledge that everyone can see your numbers. By hiding their subscriber count, creators can take a step back and focus on what they enjoy doing instead of constantly worrying about their numbers.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s up to each individual content creator to decide whether or not they want to hide their subscriber count. Whether they’re trying to avoid competition, have seen their numbers decreasing, or just wanting to ease their own pressure, there are plenty of valid reasons why someone might decide to hide their count.

Yes, there could be legal and ethical implications related to a YouTuber hiding their subscriber count. Depending on the content they are offering, they may be in violation of any applicable laws or regulations regarding advertising or promoting services or products. They may also be in violation of any terms of service they agree to with their platform or any social media they are using. Furthermore, there may be ethical implications related to deceiving people or providing false information. This could undermine public trust and damage the reputation of the YouTuber.

1. What advantages do YouTubers gain from hiding their subscriber count?

Hiding their subscriber count gives YouTubers certain advantages in terms of protecting their reputation and maintaining control over their personal brand. By hiding their subscriber count, YouTubers can keep their status as a “successful” YouTuber or influencer under wraps and prevent copycat accounts from stealing their style. It also helps them avoid being judged by others for their subscriber count. Additionally, it gives them more control over their content and enables them to keep their videos more focused on quality rather than quantity.

5. Does hiding the subscriber count give YouTubers more control over their channel’s success?

Yes, hiding the subscriber count gives YouTubers more control over their channel’s success. By hiding the subscriber count, YouTubers can reduce their focus on total subscribers and instead focus on creating content that appeals to their specific target audience and resonates with them. Additionally, by hiding their subscriber count, YouTubers can reduce expectations and the potential for disappointment, minimizing the risk of losing followers due to a channel not living up to the expectations generated by a high subscriber count.

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