Why Did Larry Page Make Susan Wojcicki The Ceo Of Youtube

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Why Did Larry Page Make Susan Wojcicki The Ceo Of Youtube?

In 2014, things looked very different at the top of YouTube. After a decade of its existence, Google-owned YouTube had yet to have a female CEO — that was until Susan Wojcicki took the helm.

So, why did Larry Page make Susan Wojcicki the CEO of YouTube? Here are a few of the reasons:

1. Wojcicki’s Experience With Google

At the time when the CEO role at YouTube opened in 2014, Wojcicki was already an experienced Googler. She had worked on Google’s AdSense program, and introduced the program to YouTube in 2007.

In fact, many suggest Wojcicki was the perfect fit for the CEO role at YouTube, as she had extensive experience in Google’s advertising-based business model.

2. Her Reputation For Management

Prior to becoming CEO of YouTube, Wojcicki had already shown off her great management style. During her tenure at Google, she:

  • Managed over 200 employees
  • Brought in over $10 billion in annual revenue for Google
  • Landed over $160 million in deals with top publishers

3. Her Knowledge Of The Video Industry

Wojcicki boasts a decade of knowledge in the video industry, making her the perfect fit for the role of YouTube’s CEO. During her tenure at Google, Wojcicki worked to make YouTube YouTube’s main source of video content, resulting in huge success.

Not only that, but Wojcicki also introduced new options to monetize content, such as pre-roll ads and TrueView calls-to-action.


For these reasons and more, it’s clear why Larry Page chose Susan Wojcicki to be the CEO of YouTube in 2014. With its decade-long struggle to gain a female CEO over with, YouTube was on the path to success — and still is today.

5. How has her leadership affected YouTube’s success?

Susan Wojcicki’s leadership has had a profound effect on YouTube’s success. Under her guidance, the platform has attracted millions of new users, reaching over 1.8 billion monthly users in 2018. She has led the company on a path of innovation, releasing new products and services that aim to make YouTube even more engaging. Wojcicki has also focused on creating a safe and tolerant environment on YouTube, leading to a decrease in hate speech and a surge in content diversity. Her strong stance against hate speech has been seen as a bold move by many, but has also been praised by many viewers who feel that the platform has become a safer and more secure place. Her leadership has helped drive YouTube to the top of the list of most visited websites on the Internet, making it an indispensable platform for billions of people around the world.

2. How did Susan Wojcicki’s qualifications lead her to assume the role of YouTube CEO?

Susan Wojcicki’s qualifications and experience gave her the knowledge and capabilities to assume the role of YouTube CEO. She had been working in tech businesses for more than 10 years and had held senior positions in marketing and product management at some of the most prominent companies in the world, including Google and Intel. Her experience in marketing, product management, and tech enabled her to lead YouTube to success and make the necessary decisions to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the digital market. Additionally, during her stints at Google, she worked closely with the founders of YouTube, which gave her an inside knowledge and understanding of the platform, as well as valuable relationships with many of its key figures.

3. What experience did she have before being hired as the CEO of YouTube?

Susan Wojcicki had many years of experience at Google before becoming the CEO of YouTube. She worked as the vice president of Ads and Commerce, managing Google’s advertising and analytics products, including AdWords, AdSense, DoubleClick, and Google Analytics. Prior to that role, she held various positions at Google, including general manager of Google Video, head of marketing at Google in the early years, and product manager on the first-ever Google doodle.

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