Why Can’t The Youtube Android App Play In The Background

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Why Can’t the YouTube Android App Play in the Background?

As the world becomes increasingly mobile-friendly, we’ve come to take for granted the convenience of playing music or video in the background on our phones. However, the YouTube app for Android devices has yet to catch up with the times, as users have been unable to play YouTube videos in the background of their devices since the app’s release.

So what makes this type of feature so difficult to implement? And why can’t the YouTube Android app simply join the many other music and video streaming platforms that have successfully implemented the feature?

Technical Limitations

One of the main obstacles preventing YouTube from playing in the background is its reliance on Google Play Music. Many Android devices come preloaded with Google Play Music and it cannot be uninstalled or replaced, making any app that relies on it difficult to modify. This includes the YouTube app. The issue is that Google Play Music does not allow background audio to be streamed from third-party apps such as YouTube.

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this problem. In order for YouTube to be able to play in the background on Android devices, it would require either a complete overhaul of its architecture or a workaround that complies with Google Play Music’s restrictions.

Licensing Issues

The other major obstacle preventing YouTube from joining other streaming platforms is its licensing agreements. As a popular platform for streaming music and video, YouTube has a number of agreements with major labels and content creators that it needs to comply with in order to allow background playback.

These licensing agreements often limit the ways in which the content can be used, and offering background playback could violate those agreements. As a result, YouTube has chosen to play it safe and not roll out background playback yet.

The Future of Background Playback on YouTube

The good news is that YouTube is actively exploring ways to offer background playback on its Android app. Once it is able to resolve the technical and licensing issues, the app should be able to offer the feature in the near future.

Until then, Android users will have to rely on other streaming platforms if they need to listen to music or watch videos in the background.

What other media players are available that support background playback of YouTube videos on an Android device?

Some other media players available that support background playback of YouTube videos on an Android device include:

1. YouTube Vanced

2. X-plore Player

3. PlayerPlus

4. Smart YouTube TV

5. TubeMate

6. Video Player Pro

7. NewPipe

8. YouTube Go

9. Video Player All Format

10. Video Player Ultimate

What alternative methods are available for playing YouTube videos in the background on an Android device?

One of the most popular methods for playing YouTube videos in the background on an Android device is to install a third-party app such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for Android. These apps allow users to play YouTube videos in the background and also allow users to control playback. Another alternative method is to use YouTube’s desktop site on an Android device by enabling the Desktop site feature in the browser. This will allow users to play YouTube videos in the background, but they won’t be able to control playback. Finally, users can also turn on the YouTube Music app on an Android device, which allows users to play videos in the background as well as control playback.

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