Why Are Youtube Rewind Videos So Bad

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Why Are Youtube Rewind Videos So Bad?

Every year, Youtube releases a year-in-review type video on the platform called “Youtube Rewind”. Not everyone, however, is a big fan of these types of videos. Many Youtube viewers feel that Youtube Rewind videos are of low quality, which is why they are so unpopular.

The main problem with Youtube Rewind videos is that they are heavily edited and contain too many video clips. This usually results in an overdone video that takes away from the focus of what the video was meant to showcase. Instead of focusing on the highlights of the year and the creative content from different Youtube stars, the video becomes cluttered and hard to follow.

Another problem that viewers find with Youtube Rewind videos is that they aren’t always representative of what was going on in the Youtube community during the year. The clips that are included in the video tend to be of trends that have already become popular, rather than focusing on up-and-coming content creators who could be featured in the video.

Additionally, many viewers feel that the videos don’t do a good job of showcasing the diversity of the content present on Youtube. Youtube Rewind videos typically include people of the same gender, race, and/or sexual orientation, rather than featuring people from different backgrounds and experiences.

Youtube Rewind videos have become increasingly unpopular in recent years, with many viewers taking to social media to vent their frustrations. Despite this, Youtube continues to release yearly Rewind videos, which are met with negative reactions from the Youtube community.

If Youtube hopes to make its rewind videos more successful, they will have to make some major changes. They should focus on featuring more up-and-coming content creators, while at the same time showcasing the wide variety of content on the platform. Additionally, they should take into account the feedback that users are giving, and reduce the amount of editing done to the video, so that it can be easier to follow and more accurately represent what was going on in the Youtube community during the year.

What could Youtube do to improve the quality of its Rewind videos?

1. Focus on highlights from the past year: Instead of attempting to cram as many viral moments as possible into one video, the Rewind videos should focus on meaningful moments from the past year.

2. Involve the community: Inviting more members of the YouTube community to contribute to and help choose what makes it into the Rewind highlights would make the videos more authentic and reflective of the year.

3. Showcase positive moments: The focus of Rewind should shift away from dramatized controversies and towards positive moments.

4. Utilize fan-favorite creators: YouTube can incorporate content from fan-favorite YouTubers like PewDiePie to give the video an authentic feel or highlight particular moments.

5. Help out smaller creators: Giving smaller yet talented creators the opportunity to make an appearance in the Rewind video will show viewers that the Internet is a place of collaboration and opportunities.

Are there any common criticisms leveled against the Youtube Rewind videos?

Yes, there are several common criticisms leveled against the YouTube Rewind videos.

1. Lack of diversity: Many have criticized the videos for featuring predominately white, male creators and for overlooking contributions from smaller, non-English speaking creators.

2. Exclusion of important/relatable content: One of the most prominent criticisms of YouTube Rewind is the exclusion of popular content from the videos. This includes YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Logan Paul, and other popular personalities, as well as important societal issues of the year.

3. Too “corporate”: Many viewers have said the videos have become “over-produced” and too focused on celebrity endorsements and brand collaborations. Some believe that these efforts detract from the more intimate, user-generated feel of YouTube’s earlier years.

4. Poor execution: YouTube Rewinds have been criticized for sloppy editing and poor narrative structure. Many have argued that the videos could have better reinforced the year’s trends, demonstrated better technical accomplishments, or focused more on storyline-driven content.

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