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YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms of the 21st century and many talented people post videos to it on a daily basis. It is nearly impossible to decide who the best YouTuber ever is, but here are a few of the top contenders.


PewDiePie is perhaps the most famous YouTuber ever. He has been creating content longer than anyone else and has a huge following. His videos cover a variety of topics, from gaming reviews and reactions to humorous sketches.


Jacksepticeye is another legend in the YouTube world. He has cultivated a loyal fanbase and routinely posts videos with positive energy and fun content. His videos consist of a mixture of gaming and comedic sketches that his viewers love.


KSI is a new-ager of the YouTube world. He has made a name for himself through his hilarious vlogs and music videos. His content has a more mature audience as many of his videos contain language and themes more appropriate for adults.


Markiplier is a must mention when naming the top YouTubers. His YouTube channel is comprised of the traditional gaming footage and comedic skits, but he prides himself on his unique and eccentric style.


All of these YouTubers have something unique to offer and no two channels are the same. Who is the best YouTuber ever? It really depends on the individual’s personal preferences. However, it is safe to say all of these YouTubers are highly respected and very successful.

Additonally, in the end it is hard to define the best YouTuber ever as each person has their prefrences to the type of content they like to watch. But the most popular ones are definitelly top contenders.

1. What criteria makes a Youtuber “the best”?

The criteria that make a YouTuber “the best” are subjective and depend on the individual viewers’ preferences. Some criteria that viewers may use to assess the quality of a YouTuber’s content include the level of entertainment, the amount of educational content, in-depth discussions of topics, the YouTuber’s unique style, the quality of videos, and the level of engagement with the audience.

4. What emerging Youtubers have the most potential to become “the best” someday?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it greatly depends on personal preferences. That said, some Youtubers that have been gaining traction and demonstrating a lot of potential include 13-year-old Nathan Apodaca, who has amassed over one million followers with his skateboarding and mood-lifting videos; 16-year-old Lilly Singh, the most-subscribed female Youtuber, who creates comedic content; and 20-year-old Shawn Mendes, who is known for his covers and music videos.

3. What genre of content do viewers consider the “best” Youtubers to produce?

According to surveys and industry-wide analysis, the most popular genre of content among viewers and the genre viewed as producing the “best” YouTubers is comedy. This includes sketch comedy, satire, parodies, vlogs, challenges, and other humorous videos. Other popular genres are beauty and lifestyle, gaming, food, fitness and health, DIY, and music.

5. In what ways do Youtubers become successful and find a large audience?

Youtubers become successful by producing quality content regularly, engaging with their audience, collaborating with other YouTubers and content creators, utilizing SEO, alerting their fans on social media, and utilizing YouTube advertising, among other strategies. They can also find a large audience by creating content that is timely, relevant, entertaining, and covers topics that are popular or in-demand, such as gaming, music, cooking, makeup, vlogging, and more. Additionally, they need to have a good knowledge of analytics to understand their audience and measure the success of their content.

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