Who Does The Best Boxing Match Analysis Videos On Youtube

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The Best Boxing Match Analysis Videos On YouTube

Boxing matches are some of the most exciting and thrilling spectacles in all of sport. While some may enjoy watching these matches live, there is an even larger part of the boxing fandom that delights in studying and analyzing boxing matches. Fortunately, Youtube has made it easier than ever to find boxing match analysis videos.

Here are some of the best boxing match analysis videos on Youtube:

1. The Fight Guys

The Fight Guys are a boxing-focused Youtube channel that has been producing amazing match analysis videos since 2016. Not only do they deeply analyze and break down various fights, but they also provide insight into upcoming matchups between boxers.

2. The Punch Suspect

The Punch Suspect is a Youtube channel dedicated to giving bespoke analysis and hot takes on the biggest boxing matches out there. Not only do they have a great eye for detail when breaking down fights, but they also add some great humor to their videos which makes watching them even more fun.

3. BoxBrownie TV

BoxBrownie TV is an example of a boxing analysis channel that takes a more technical approach to its videos. They focus on the technical aspects of the fights, such as punching technique and footwork, which give viewers an even greater understanding of the fights they are watching.

4. Fight Fanatic

Fight Fanatic is one of the newer boxing analysis channels on Youtube and they are quickly gaining popularity with their insightful and in-depth breakdowns of fights. As they gain more subscribers, they will likely become one of the go-to channels for boxing analysis.

5. BoxNationLive

BoxNationLive is another channel dedicated to giving in-depth match analysis of all the biggest boxing fights. Not only do they have a great eye for detail, but they also make the videos engaging and entertaining with their unique approach to breaking down fights.


For those who want to learn more about the sport of boxing and dive deep into its intricacies, these Youtube channels are the perfect starting point. Whether you’re looking for technical analysis of a fight or humorous takes on the big fights, these channels have you covered. So make sure to check them out for some great boxing match analysis.

5. What techniques do boxing match analysis YouTubers use to keep viewers engaged?

The techniques used by boxing match analysis YouTubers to keep viewers engaged include storytelling, using visuals, using music and sound, providing educational value, using call-outs, using humour, and personalizing the content for their viewers. Storytelling involves breaking down the fight methodically, using visuals such as diagrams and videos to explain concepts, providing educational value by describing the intricacies of a specific type of punch or a defensive move, using call-outs to draw attention to a particular moment in the fight, using humour when discussing the fight or the fighters, and personalizing the content by addressing the viewer directly.

1. What are the criteria that make someone the best at analyzing boxing matches on YouTube?

The best boxing analysts on YouTube should have the following criteria:

1. Knowledge of historical context: Analysts should have a deep understanding of the sport, its rules, and the history of great fights and moments.

2. Strong communication skills: When making an analysis, it’s important for the analyst to be able to clearly express their thoughts and ideas in an articulate fashion.

3. Passion for the sport: Analysts with a real enthusiasm and passion for the sport can more easily convey their thoughts to their viewers.

4. Attention to detail: Analysts should have an attention to detail and the ability to pick up on the small details in fights.

5. Willingness to learn: Analysts should be willing to research and understand the game more in depth, utilizing available resources and techniques to ensure they are giving their best analysis.