Who Are The Highest Earning Indian Youtubers

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Who Are The Highest Earning Indian Youtubers?

YouTubers are no longer just hobbyists with a few followers, they are becoming big-time earners as well. With hundreds of millions of viewers consuming online video content, the highest earning Indian YouTubers can make up to millions of dollars every year. From comedians to vloggers, these are the highest earning Indian YouTubers.


Carryminati, from CarbOnBeat

Carryminati is one of the highest earning Indian YouTubers. He is most famous for his YouTube comedy channel, CarbOnBeat. From comedy skits to roast videos, Carryminati has become a sensation among the Indian youth. He has over 19 million subscribers and his videos get millions of views. This has paid off, as he can make up to Rs 3 crore ($418,925) a year from his channel.

BB Ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam, from BB Ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam is another incredibly popular Indian YouTuber. His channel, BB Ki Vines, has over 15 million subscribers. Most of his videos feature his exaggerated sense of humour and comedic sketches. For this, he makes an estimated Rs 2.8 crore ($389,312) each year.

Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is an Indian YouTuber, co-founder and director of BB Ki Vines. His videos are every bit as funny as BB Ki Vines. For this, he makes up to Rs 2.6 crore ($362,870) each year.

Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji

Gaurav Chaudhary, AKA Technical Guruji, is an Indian YouTuber who creates tech-focused content. He has over 11 million subscribers and covers a wide range of topics, from electronics to scientific discoveries. For this, he makes a cool Rs 1.7 crore ($236,835) each year.

Amit Saroha

Amit Saroha

Amit Saroha is an Indian YouTuber and influencer who shares a mix of lifestyle and tech content. His videos are hilarious, informative and well-produced. He currently has 5 million subscribers and makes an estimated Rs 1 crore ($139,000) each year.

These are the five highest earning Indian YouTubers. They have managed to monetise their passion and make a living by creating content for their fans. Their success only goes to show that dreams can come true for anyone who works hard and focuses on their goals.

– Who are the highest earning Indian female Youtubers?

The highest earning Indian female YouTubers are Prajakta Koli, known as Mostly Sane, Nisha Madhulika, Sanam Puri, Be YouNick and Shruti Anand.

– What is the approximate annual earning of the top earning Indian Youtuber?

The approximate annual earning of the top earning Indian YouTuber is around $15 million USD.

– What methodology do the highest earning Indian Youtubers use to maximize their profits?

The highest earning Indian Youtubers use a variety of strategies to maximize their profits. These include creating interesting, high-quality content, engaging with fans on social media, leveraging collaborations and sponsorships, and using SEO and other tactics to reach wider audiences. Additionally, they often build personal brands to extend their success beyond YouTube, creating additional revenue streams from print, media appearances and book deals. Finally, many successful Indian Youtubers employ creative business models to maximize their profits, such as creating exclusive content for Patreon subscribers and offering merchandising.

– What type of content do the highest earnings Indian Youtubers produce?

The highest earning Indian YouTubers produce a variety of content including gaming, comedy, vlogging, singing, and product reviews. Many of them focus on providing entertainment and educational content with a unique twist, such as parodies and spoofs. Some of the top earners also create educational videos on topics such as science and programming.

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