What Type Of Content Gets A High Cpm On Youtube

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What Type Of Content Gets A High CPM On YouTube?

Making a living off of YouTube videos is becoming a more popular pursuit each day. While views may be the primary metric of success for content creators, CPM – cost-per-mille (or cost-per-thousand) – is the metric used to gauge the value of a video and will affect the amount of money a video or channel brings in.

Factors Affecting High CPMs

There are several factors that will affect the CPM rate of a YouTube video (or an entire channel). If you would like to increase your CPM rate and capitalize on higher earnings, consider the following:

  • Cater To High Advertiser Demands: Advertisers pay large amounts of money for commercial-friendly content. YouTube has laid out guidelines concerning appropriate content and brands wants the assurance that their ads will only be displayed along appropriate videos.
  • Engage Your Audience: Videos with higher engagement will generate more ad clicks which equals higher revenue. Make sure you’re doing Q&As, asking for feedback and doing creative things to make your viewers stay on your videos as long as possible.
  • Produce Evergreen Content: Evergreen videos that remain relevant will continue to generate a steady amount of revenue as they will always appear in searches. Think about trends that may be as relevant today as they may be in a few years.
  • Produce Longer Videos: Longer videos will result in more ads being displayed and thus more revenue. Try to aim for videos that are 10 minutes or longer.
  • Quality Is Crucial: The quality of the video and audio is a huge factor that will affect your CPM rates. Make sure to spend time perfecting the content of your videos and using the best equipment you have access to.


Content creators may not be able to accurately predict the results of any given video. However, following these tips can potentially increase a channel’s CPM and thus allow content creators to potentially make more money off of their videos.

5. What techniques can be employed by creators to maximize CPM on YouTube?

1. Create High-Quality Content: It is important to produce quality videos that viewers will be interested in watching and interacting with.

2. Engage Audience: An engaged audience is more likely to watch commercials and click on ads. Building a community that interacts with you on your channel is one key to success.

3. Use Popular Trends and Tags: Take advantage of popular trends to get your videos seen by a wider audience. Use appropriate tags for your videos, including the names of any brands you work with.

4. Take Network Offers: YouTube offers an array of advertising, partnerships and content deals that can be negotiated.

5. Monetize Your Channel: You can monetize all of your videos by enabling ads, or on a video to video basis.

6. Focus on Longer Videos: Videos that are over 10 minutes long are more likely to have higher CPMs due to longer viewing times.

7. Promote Your Channel: Use social media, word of mouth and any other marketing methods to promote your channel and grow your viewership.

8. Optimize Your Thumbnails: Attractive thumbnails can be the gateway to larger CPMs. Use eye-catching images that entice viewers to click.

4. What types of videos are most likely to gain viewer loyalty and generate high CPMs?

Videos that generate high CPMs and viewer loyalty typically revolve around themes like gaming, music, comedy, sports, lifestyle and fashion. They also tend to be engagement-oriented, well produced, with high quality visuals and sound. Videos that tell stories and are emotional or have educational value also have a high chance of garnering viewer loyalty and higher CPMs.

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