What Is The Longest You Can Make A Youtube Video

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What Is The Longest You Can Make A YouTube Video?

Did you know that YouTube allows users to upload videos as long as 12 hours? That’s right – you can post a YouTube video with a running time of up to 12 hours! Whether you’re a musician wanting to post an entire gig, a traveler wanting to document a cross-country journey, or a filmmaker wanting to share a full-length feature, you now have the flexibility to do so.

Requirements For Posting A YouTube Video

Before you start thinking of creative ways to reach the 12-hour mark, let’s outline the requirements. Your YouTube video must meet the following:

  • Be shorter than 128GB in size.
  • Be shorter than 12 hours in length.
  • Have a 16:9 aspect ratio for the best viewing experience.

Videos of this length have additional requirements when it comes to ads, so it’s important to understand the monetization policies, copyright policies and ad policies.

Tips For Making Longer YouTube Videos

Now that the technical aspects are out of the way, let’s talk about how to make the most of your 12-hour window. Longer videos can extend your reach, so here are a few tips to help you make the most of your projects:

  • Maximize Your Video: Stay focused and to the point. The length of the video should add to its overall impact, not detract.
  • Analyze Your Audience: Consider video length when planning for the needs of your audience. If your videos are for longer presentations, by all means use the full 12-hour window.
  • Incorporate Structured Video: Lengthier videos can become sleepy or difficult to follow over time. Compartmentalize your video into chapters or sections to keep your audience engaged.


Do you have a project that needs an extra-long timeline? YouTube’s 12-hour limitation gives you the flexibility to share a wide variety of ideas and event. Follow the requirements and keep the following tips in mind to make the most of the extended time frame.

Are there any advantages to publishing longer videos on YouTube compared to shorter videos?

Yes, there are advantages to publishing longer videos on YouTube compared to shorter videos. Longer videos allow for more content, which can help keep viewers engaged longer, leading to more views and potential additional exposure for the creator. Additionally, longer videos give creators more opportunities to incorporate different video techniques, such as transitions and conversations with on-screen talent, which can help draw the attention of viewers and potentially lead to more shares, likes, and subscriptions. Lastly, longer videos make it easier for creators to deliver more comprehensive content which can help to establish the creator’s knowledge and authority on the topic.

How much data storage is usually required to upload a YouTube video of the maximum length?

The maximum file size for a YouTube video is 128GB, but the average file size for a YouTube video is only around 15MB. Therefore, very little data storage is typically required to upload a YouTube video of the maximum length.

What is the most effective way to maintain viewer interest with a long YouTube video?

Creating interesting and compelling visuals, adding music or sound effects, breaking up the video into sections, ensuring each section is under a certain amount of time, and involving the audience with interactive elements are all effective ways to maintain viewer interest with a long YouTube video. Additionally, creating an engaging script, incorporating humor or fun facts, and providing value in the form of added resources or useful information for viewers to use or reference are also successful tactics in keeping viewers interested and engaged.

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