What Is The Best Time To Upload A Youtube Video

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What Is The Best Time To Upload A YouTube Video?


If you are an aspiring video creator looking to get the most out of your YouTube content, then knowing the best time to upload your videos is essential. Uploading content at specific times could help to boost your views and engagement, as well as give you an edge over the competition. In this article, we look at when exactly the best time to upload a YouTube video is.

When Is The Best Time To Upload on YouTube?

The best time to upload a YouTube video largely depends on the viewers that you are trying to reach. Considering time zone differences, for example, if you have viewers spread across the world, then you may have to upload at different times during the day in order to maximize the number of views.

That being said, research has found that videos which are uploaded on Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to receive the most views. Specifically, the most successful time for uploading is on Thursday at noon and 3 PM EST.

Advantages Of Uploading Videos On YouTube

In addition to knowing when to upload a video, there are several other advantages to uploading videos on YouTube. Firstly, videos are easy to share with anyone around the world. Secondly, you can add captions and subtitles to your videos, making them accessible to non-English speakers. Finally, YouTube is the top video platform in the world and can offer great exposure for your video.


It is essential to consider the best times to upload a YouTube video if you want to get the most views and engagement out of it. Research suggests that Thursdays at noon and 3 PM EST is the best time to upload a video, but be sure to consider the viewers that you are trying to reach as this could make a big difference as well. In addition to this, YouTube offers a great platform to share videos with people around the world and provides an opportunity for great exposure for your content.

How does upload time affect the success of a video?

Upload time can have a significant effect on the success of a video, depending on the goals of the video. If the goal is to reach a wide audience, it helps to upload the video early. A video is more likely to show up higher in search results when it’s freshly uploaded and its engagement is magnified. On the other hand, if the goal is to focus its success within a niche community, it’s important to time the upload with their general activity, such as posting a video at peak hours or days when the community is more active. Uploading a video at the wrong time may lead to fewer views and less engagement overall.

How have video post times evolved over time?

Video posting times have gradually evolved to be more in line with the average viewer’s available time and attention span. Initially, video posts were long and had fewer clips editing together. As technology and broadband speeds increased, video posting times decreased, giving viewers more in less time, and allowing videos to be viewed on mobile devices on the go. Now, video post times are typically 1-2 minutes, catering to the mobile viewer’s needs and the heightened competition for viewers’ attention.

How can one determine the optimal time to post a video on YouTube?

The optimal time to post a video on YouTube depends on a few factors, including the content of the video, the target audience, and the overall goal of the video. Some general guidelines to consider when determining the best time to post:

– Do research to identify the popular posting times for the topics related to your video.

– Identify when your target audience is most active on YouTube.

– Post your video early in the morning or late at night to capitalize on less competition for viewer attention.

– Schedule your video to post when the most people are available to watch it.

– Make sure you post regularly and consistently to keep viewers engaged.

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