What Does The Co In The Youtube Logo Mean

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What Does The ‘Co’ In The YouTube Logo Mean?

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular video sharing platforms, and its famous red, white and black logo is one of the most recognizable logos on the internet. But have you ever wondered what the “Co” in the YouTube logo stands for?

Why “Co”?

The abbreviation “Co” stands for “Company”. So, when YouTube started in 2005 as a private company, the logo included the abbreviation “Co” to indicate that YouTube was a business endeavor.

The Logo Evolution

YouTube has gone through several logo rebrands since its launch, from 2006 to its latest logo in 2017. Until 2013, the logo always included the company abbreviation “Co”.

In 2013 however, the logo dropped the abbreviation and simply went with the classic YouTube logo that is widely recognized today.

What Now?

In 2020 to mark its 15th year anniversary, YouTube changed its logo to ‘YouTube Originals’, featuring a brand new font and highlighting that YouTube is now a platform for original content.

Despite the logo changes over the years, the ‘Co’ in the YouTube logo still stands as a reminder of YouTube’s proud legacy as a company.

Final Thoughts

The ‘Co’ in the YouTube logo is a reminder that YouTube started as an ambitious company and has become one of the most popular video sharing platforms in the world. The ‘Co’ stands for ‘Company’, and is an indication of YouTube’s proud history of success.

5. How has the Co in the YouTube logo evolved over the years?

The Co in the YouTube logo has gone through several significant changes over the years. Originally, the logo was a pair of television-like objects arranged into a “tube” shape with the letters “U” and “Tube” sandwiched in-between them. Then, in 2013, the logo was changed to the current design, consisting of a white play button symbolizing the platform’s video component, with the red “Tube” retaining the same shape, but the red “U” being turned into a speech bubble-like shape, suggesting the community-oriented nature of the platform.

4. How does the Co in the YouTube logo affect the overall branding of YouTube?

The Co in the YouTube logo has had a great impact on the branding of YouTube. It serves as a reminder of the company identity, emphasizing that it is a global, innovative, and trusted platform for video sharing. The Co in the logo is framed by vibrant and bright colors, which convey a sense of energy and creativity that ties in with the concept of YouTube being a creative platform. The Co also gives a feeling of unity, bringing together the words “You” and “Tube” which implies that YouTube is an inclusive platform for everyone to share their video content.

The Co in the YouTube logo stands for “Company”. It is a visual representation of the business entity behind YouTube.

2. How did the Co in the YouTube logo come to be?

The Co in the YouTube logo is short for “Company”. It was first used in 2011 with the logo redesign. The redesign was meant to symbolize the idea of “sharing content, creativity, and fun”. The Co was chosen to represent the idea of a shared collective, rather than just one individual’s perspective.

The Co in the YouTube logo represents the two-letter domain suffix used by the company when it was first launched in 2005: Co.YouTube.com. The Co was dropped when YouTube became a top-level domain in 2006.

What does CO mean in other contexts?

CO can be short for “Court of Appeals” or “Common-law Origin” in legal contexts, “Commanding Officer” or “Company” in military contexts, “Certificate of Origin” in trade contexts, “Certified Organic” in agricultural contexts, and “Change of Ownership” in real estate contexts.