What Does Highlighted Comment Mean In Youtube

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What Does Highlighted Comment Mean In Youtube?

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through the comments section of YouTube and come across a particularly eye-catching comment that’s highlighted in bold? You might be wondering what it is and why it’s been singled out from the other comments.

YouTube’s highlighted comment feature is a way for YouTube to highlight particularly helpful or insightful comments from other YouTube viewers. Only YouTube site administrators are able to choose which comments to highlight, so it’s not something you can do yourself. Usually, the administrator will search for comments that provide useful feedback or are especially entertaining.

Highlighted comments are generally those that have been marked as helpful or useful by other viewers. A highlighted comment often appears at the top of the comments list on the video and they generally appear with a bold font. This helps to give the comment more visibility, as it stands out from others in the comments box.

Highlighted comments are a great way to add help and fun to the YouTube viewing and commenting experience. They can be very valuable in providing helpful advice or information, especially for those who may be seeking guidance on a particular topic. The highlighted comments are often a great source of inspiration and humour for viewers seeking an extra source of entertainment.

Highlighted comments are an excellent way to show appreciation for viewers who have taken the time to go above and beyond in offering helpful words or humorous anecdotes. They also can act as an incentive for viewers to join in on the conversation, as their contributions could end up being highlighted and seen by many more people.

The next time you stumble across a highlighted comment while scrolling through the YouTube comments section be sure to take a look at it and consider if it could potentially help you in some way. You might be surprised at just how helpful another viewer’s insight can be!

What does it mean when a comment is highlighted on YouTube?

When a comment is highlighted on YouTube, it means that the comment has been “pinned” by the channel owner. By pinning a comment, the channel owner is giving extra attention to that specific comment and is allowing it to stand out among other comments.

Is there a way to create a highlighted comment on YouTube?

Yes, you can use the “Highlight comment” function. To do this, locate the comment you would like to highlight and click the three dots below it. Then, select the “Highlight comment” option and it will be highlighted.

How is a highlighted comment on YouTube different from a regular comment?

Highlighted comments are comments on YouTube videos that are featured and highlighted by the video creator. These comments are highlighted because they are either approved by the video creator or they are comments that the video creator feels are particularly noteworthy or relevant to the video. Regular comments are regular comments that are posted and not highlighted by the video creator. All comments are visible to everyone but highlighted comments will often appear at the top of the comment thread and will be more prominently visible than regular comments.

What are the benefits of having a highlighted comment on YouTube?

Having a highlighted comment on YouTube can help draw attention to your thoughts and opinions, as well as highlight your presence in the comment section of a video. Highlighted comments can also help build trust and credibility with other viewers, as well as give you the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the online discussion around a particular video. Additionally, having a highlighted comment can also make it easier for other viewers to find and engage with your thoughts.

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