What Are Some Good Gamers To Watch On Youtube

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What Are Some Good Gamers To Watch On Youtube?

From comedic playthroughs to competitive streamers, YouTube provides a wide range of gamers to watch. Whether you’re looking for some entertainment or you’re trying to improve your own gaming skills, watching gaming videos on YouTube can be a great way to have fun and learn something new. Here are some of the gamers you should be checking out on YouTube.


Perhaps the most famous gaming YouTuber of all time, PewDiePie has amassed over 102 million subscribers. His comedic playthroughs are always entertaining and he often cries out in surprise at some of the more difficult levels he encounters. Besides that, he also occasionally livestreams his gaming ventures, providing a more interactive experience with his viewers. If you’re looking for some gaming entertainment, PewDiePie is definitely a great place to start.


Another funny YouTuber, Jacksepticeye has over 24 million subscribers. His enthusiasm for gaming is infectious and he’s always eager to play new games. He also plays a variety of genres, from horror to action. If you’re looking for a YouTuber that plays multiple games, Jacksepticeye is definitely a great choice.


Blitzwinger is a great channel for people who are looking to improve their gaming skills. He often provides helpful tutorials and hints on how to get past certain levels. Besides that, his high level of skill is inspiring and his videos can provide motivation to improve your own gaming abilities. If you’re looking to up your gaming skills, Blitzwinger is definitely a great YouTuber to follow.


Gronky is a great YouTuber to watch if you’re into competitive gaming. He often provides commentary on top-tier competitions and his analysis is always spot on. Besides that, he also dives deep into the mechanics of different games, which can be helpful for those trying to improve their own play. If you’re looking to learn more about competitive gaming, Gronky is a great YouTuber to follow.


These are just some of the great gamers you can find on YouTube. Whether you’re looking to have some fun or improve your gaming skills, YouTube provides a wealth of gaming channels. Get out there and start exploring all the great gaming content that YouTube has to offer.

Are there any up and coming gamers on YouTube who are worth following?

Yes, there are many up and coming gamers on YouTube who are worth following. Some examples are Ali-A, PrestonPlayz, Fluxception Gaming, TBNRfrags, and Prohenis. These gamers offer entertaining and engaging content that appeals to a wide audience. Additionally, they also update their content regularly, which allows viewers to stay up to date with the latest video game news and trends. Followers of these gamers can expect to get access to exclusive content, special giveaways, and more.

Who are some of the top gamers to watch on YouTube?

Some of the top gamers to watch on YouTube include:

– PewDiePie

– Markiplier

– Jacksepticeye

– Ninja

– VanossGaming

– Pokimane

– Sykkuno

– MrBeast

– DanTDM

– Disguised Toast

How can one discover new gamers to watch on YouTube?

The best way to discover new gamers to watch on YouTube is to explore the “Recommended” and “Searches related to” categories on the YouTube homepage. These sections offer relevant searches and recommendations based on previous searches. Additionally, YouTube’s “Trending” section will show what content is currently most popular, which can be a great way to discover new gamers to watch. Lastly, searching for “gamers” in the search bar can offer a wealth of results to sift through.

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