The sport includes all types of competitive physical activities or games which people play for enjoyment, for improving their physical abilities and skills, in some cases entertainment for the spectators.

Sport brings positive results to one’s health making them stronger and fit and healthy. A lot of sports exist which can be played by two contestants to multiple contestants or as a team and so on. Sports can be played by individuals for the sole purpose of enjoying or huge groups of people.

Sports have been developed a lot since ancient times i.e. the use of new technologies and equipment and so. Let’s talk about some interesting facts about some equipment used in the world of sports.

 List of interesting facts about sports equipment 

  1. Wooden Golf Ball

Originally golf balls were made by carpenters with a block of wood. They used hardwood such as wood from “beech trees”. They used to carve the golf ball from hardwood.

2. Feathery Golf Ball

Golf balls were once made of leather and feathers that dated a long time back. This was another type of golf ball that was used for over centuries by golf players. It was a leather pouch filled with goose or chicken feathers. The feathers had to be boiled before stuffing and the ball was hand sewn. The ball was painted white.

But, these golf balls had a lot of disadvantages like the feathers would come out and the ball was never perfectly round.

3. Dimples on Golf Ball

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The golf ball of today is hard made of plastic and rubber cores. So, to make it more aerodynamic dimples were made on the surface. This allowed the ball to travel further in the air to reach the target hole. There is an average of about 336 dimples on golf balls. The range is from 300 to 500 dimples.

4. Olympic Gold Medals are made from Sterling Silver 

How much is an Olympic gold medal actually worth? | For The Win

Despite their name, the Olympic Gold medals presented to the winners at the Olympic Games are not completely made with gold. The medals are made from sterling silver and contain a small amount of gold. It is recorded that the medals have not been made with gold since 1912. About 1.34 percent of gold was used in the Rio 2016 versions. 

5. Curling Stones

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Curling stones used in the Olympic sport of curling are made of granite an igneous rock that comes from the volcanoes.  

6. Basketball

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The diameter of a basketball is half the diameter of the hoop. A lifespan of a Spalding basketball is an astounding 10,000 bounces. Which means a basketball should last for about 4 to 5 years. A Spalding basketball is made of synthetic rubber and leather materials.

7. The Strings of Tennis Rackets

Hybrid stringing technique - Corralejo Tennis Academy

The strings of a Tennis racket was made of sheep intestines. This is a bit gross but it’s true. These materials are ideal for stringing rackets because sheep and goat intestines have much better tension than most materials, which means the strings could be strung tightly to improve ball control and hit it back without increasing shock impact.

8. The 2014 World Cup Soccer Ball

Adidas spent about 2 and a half years to design the soccer ball for the 2014 World Cup. All the tests and designs took about 2 and a half years for the big match held in Brazil. The final design of the soccer ball had a brightly colored ribbon pattern that represented the traditional and multi-colored bracelets worn in Brazil.

9. Average Lifespan of a Baseball

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Just how long do you think would be a lifespan of a baseball? Well, you might be thinking a lot but the reality is that the lifespan of a baseball is unfortunately very less. Poor baseball, it has a lifespan of a mere 7 pitches. 

So, next time you play Baseball with your friend pay some respect for baseball.

10. Aluminum Baseball Bats are Forbidden

Traditionally Baseball bats are made from ash woods, maple, and sometimes even bamboo. But, aluminum Baseball bats are not allowed in professional matches.

I hope these interesting facts gave you some knowledge about the day to day sports you are spending time with. Many wouldn’t know about this equipment, how they were made, and how they are made today.