The Youtube App No Longer “holds” My Video When Switching Between Apps. It Goes Back To The Main Screen. Why

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The Youtube App No Longer “Holds” My Video When Switching Between Apps. It Goes Back To The Main Screen. Why?

Many YouTube users have experienced that their video goes back to the main screen of the app when switching between apps. This is a fairly common issue and can be incredibly annoying to deal with.


The YouTube app no longer “holds” your video when switching between apps. This issue can be incredibly annoying and can be caused by poor app performance, a slow internet connection, or simply the way the app is designed. If you are experiencing this issue, you may want to try restarting the device, switching networks, or resetting the YouTube app in the settings.

1. Has the Youtube App experienced any recent updates that may have changed its functionality?

Yes, the YouTube app has recently experienced some updates that may have changed its functionality. Youtube has released updates to its app on both Android and iOS in the past few months. The recent updates include improved streaming quality, faster search and navigation, support for multiple accounts, and the ability to watch videos in a pop-out window. Other changes include improvements to the Dark Theme, the ability to watch a video while searching, and the addition of search suggestions.

2. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues when switching between apps?

It is difficult to answer this question without knowing the type of issues you are experiencing. If you are having a specific issue, you may want to search online to see if others are experiencing the same issue. You can also ask the question in forums or message boards dedicated to the device or app you are using.

3. Is it a known issue within the Youtube App?

No, this appears to be a unique issue. There are no known reported or reported issues with the YouTube app that are similar to this problem.

5. Is there any way to revert the Youtube App back to the way it was prior to this issue occuring?

Unfortunately, no. Once an issue has occurred and the app has been updated, there is no way to revert the app back to the way it was. The best way to prevent similar issues from happening in the future is to keep the app up-to-date with regular updates.

4. Are there any specific settings or configurations I can adjust to correct this issue?

Yes, there are a few specific settings or configurations you can adjust to correct a variety of Internet-related issues. These may include changing your router settings, resetting your modem, changing your DNS settings, disabling or changing firewall settings, or adjusting the power settings on your modem or computer. Additionally, you can run a malware scan or reset your IP address to fix certain problems.

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