Scotty Kilmer On Youtube Claims It’s Better To Put Car In Neutral At Long Periods In Traffic. Is It Better To Do So Also Would Anything Bad Happen If One Put Car In Drive From Neutral Without Foot On The Brake

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Scotty Kilmer On Youtube Claims It’s Better To Put Car In Neutral At Long Periods In Traffic. Is It Better To Do So Also Would Anything Bad Happen If One Put Car In Drive From Neutral Without Foot On The Brake?

Every driver at one point in their lives has been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. During these times, many of us have come across automotive adviser Scotty Kilmer’s advice to put cars into neutral while stuck in these long traffic jams. But is this advice actually practical in modern day cars?

In regards to fuel savings and gearbox wear, Kilmer recommends that older cars with no electronic idle speed control, should be put in neutral if stuck in long periods in standstill traffic. This advice was recommended to get around the increase in fuel consumption and the associated wear of running in ‘Drive’ in such long periods.

Nowadays, many cars have advanced electronic control systems that regulate the engine idle speed, meaning a car can rest in gear without suffering from any extra fuel burning or gear wear problem. In addition, it can be pointed out here that if you leave a car in ‘Drive’, it can automatically put itself into Neutral when the car comes to a halt and the brakes are applied.

Although in modern cars, it is not necessary to down shift to Neutral while you’re sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, some prefer to do it anyway due to the added control they perceive they get when accelerating off.

If a driver inadvertently shifts directly from Neutral to Drive without engaging the clutch and pressing the brake, the latter as a added safety precaution, this can cause problems like grabbing and jerking provided the gear ratio is not neutralised and the clutch is not used to engage the gear smoothly.

In conclusion, it is not necessary to downshift to Neutral in modern day electronically advanced cars. However, unless a driver is experienced enough, it is advised to press the brake and engage the gearbox with the clutch when shifting from Neutral to Drive.

Is Scotty Kilmer’s claim accurate?

Yes, Scotty Kilmer’s claim is accurate. He is a respected car mechanic whose experience and expertise have earned him an impeccable reputation. His advice is based on research and experience, making it extremely reliable.

Does the position a car is in while stopped in traffic make a difference on the car’s performance?

The position of a car while stopped in traffic does not have a significant impact on the car’s performance. However, being excessively idling can cause some engine wear and a decrease in fuel efficiency. Additionally, since cars are not designed to remain in a stationary position for a prolonged period of time, stopping in traffic often causes the car’s engine to overheat, leading to potential engine damage. Therefore, it is important to opt for a short idle time at stoplights, whenever possible.

What are the benefits of putting the car in neutral in long periods of traffic?

Putting the car in neutral while in long periods of traffic conserves fuel, reduces wear and tear on the transmission and brakes, and gives you greater control over the vehicle. Additionally, it makes it easier to make sudden lane changes, if necessary.

What will happen if there is too much time spent in neutral while sitting still in traffic?

When a vehicle is left in neutral for too long while stationary in traffic, there is a potential for the engine to overheat. Without the aid of the transmission, the engine’s fan and coolant system may not be able to work as efficiently. Overheating can lead to damage in the engine, and could require costly repairs or replacements.

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