My Cat Wants To Lie On Me While Giving Birth, And She Won’t Stay In Her Box Even If I Sit Next To Her And Pet Her. What Do I Do

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My Cat Wants To Lie On Me While Giving Birth, And She Won’t Stay In Her Box Even If I Sit Next To Her And Pet Her. What Do I Do?

Cats can be very stubborn when it comes to giving birth and it can be hard to understand why they might want to lie on you rather than stay in their birthing box. It’s important to understand that cats prefer to give birth in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment, and this is why they may refuse to stay in their birthing box even if you are sitting beside them and petting them.

Create a Comfortable Space for Your Cat

To encourage your cat to stay in her birthing box, it’s important to create a comfortable space for her. Place the birthing box in a quiet area of your home, away from any loud noises or activity. Make sure it’s in a low traffic area of your home so she can feel safe and secure. Place a soft blanket or cushion in the birthing box and make sure the litter box is cleaned regularly. If you can, place a few of your cat’s favorite toys or treats inside the box so she knows it’s her special place. You can also place a towel near the box so you can catch any kittens that she may birth.

Keep Your Cat Calm and Comfortable

It’s important to keep your cat as calm and comfortable as possible during the birthing process. Speak to her in a soft, soothing voice and go slowly when petting her. Avoid sudden movements or loud noises as this could startle or excite her. If your cat starts to panic or become agitated, remove yourself from the situation and let her relax on her own. It’s also important to make sure your cat is comfortable and relaxed before, during, and after the birthing process.

Discuss Options With Your Veterinarian

If your cat is not responding to these methods or if you are concerned about her safety, it is important to contact your veterinarian. They can help you to discuss options and find the best way to keep your cat safe during the birthing process. Your veterinarian can also provide advice on how to best care for your cat and any newborn kittens during this vulnerable time.

No matter what, it is important to remember that a cat giving birth has specific needs and it is important to be understanding and patient. Try to create a safe, comfortable, and low-stress environment for your cat during this time.

Is it normal for cats to want to give birth outside of their boxes?

It is not abnormal for cats to want to give birth outside of their litter boxes. In fact, most cats prefer to give birth in a quiet and secluded area. The stress associated with having to give birth in a box, surrounded by other cats, can be too much for some cats. Also, the extra space available outside of the box may make them feel more comfortable. If you find that your cat is trying to give birth outside of the box, it is best to give them the space and privacy they need.

Is there any way to encourage my cat to stay in her box during birth?

Generally, cats will prefer to stay in a confined, dark space when giving birth, like in a cardboard box or dog crate. You can encourage your cat to stay in her box by providing her with a comfortable and safe environment. Make sure she has plenty of clean bedding, like old towels or blankets. You may also want to consider providing her with some privacy in a quiet, low-lit space to reduce stress and make her more comfortable.

Is it safe for me to allow my cat to lie on me while she gives birth?

No, it is not safe for you to allow your cat to lie on you while she gives birth. Cats can be unpredictable and can become quite aggressive during labour and delivery. It is best to provide a safe and comfortable delivery space in another area of the house away from other pets, children, and people. If your cat is particularly attached to you, you may be able to provide some extra comfort by stroking their head or lightly rubbing their belly; just make sure that you are at a safe distance.

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