Is Youtube Premium Faster Than Youtube

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Is Youtube Premium Faster Than Regular Youtube?

Do you ever feel like your YouTube videos take forever to load? If so, you may be wondering if YouTube Premium offers a faster streaming experience. Let’s explore this question to better understand the difference between the two platforms.

Regular YouTube and YouTube Premium

YouTube is the world’s most popular video streaming platform, with millions of users around the world. Regular YouTube is free to all users, allowing them to access videos on any device. YouTube Premium is the paid version of the platform, which comes with a variety of additional benefits, such as ad-free viewing and background play.

Does Premium Speed Up YouTube?

The short answer is no. YouTube Premium does not offer any additional speed in loading videos or streaming them. The only difference between the two is the additional features that come with the paid version.

Factors That Affect YouTube Speed

There are several factors that can affect the speed at which YouTube videos load and stream for both regular YouTube and YouTube Premium.

  • Device: The type of device you’re using can greatly affect YouTube speed. Older phones and computers may take longer to load videos than newer models.
  • Internet Speed: The speed of your internet connection can also affect video streaming speeds. People with slower connections will usually experience slower video loading speeds than those with faster connections.
  • Browser: Different web browsers can also make a difference in how quickly YouTube videos load. Some browsers are better optimized than others, so switching to a faster one may help.


While YouTube Premium may not speed up the way YouTube videos load and stream, it does offer users a variety of additional benefits that make it worth considering. With its ad-free viewing, background play and other features, YouTube Premium may be worth the price for some users.

5. What other features come with YouTube Premium subscription?

YouTube Premium offers a wide range of features including ad-free videos, access to YouTube Originals, background play, audio-only mode, and access to downloads, so that you can watch your favorite YouTube content without worrying about being interrupted by ads, or even take your content with you to watch offline. It also provides exclusive access to YouTube Music Premium, so you can get all the latest music, ad-free. Moreover, you can get discounts on Google products and exclusive access to YouTube Space events.

3. Does YouTube Premium provide a smoother user experience than regular YouTube?

Yes, YouTube Premium offers a smoother user experience than regular YouTube. YouTube Premium offers ad-free videos, access to exclusive content, and improved controls and navigation. These features give users a more distraction-free, uninterrupted experience.

2. Does YouTube Premium eliminate ads and pop-ups?

Yes, YouTube Premium subscription eliminates ads and pop-ups from any video or channel. All the users subscribed to YouTube Premium don’t see any ads on videos and channels.

1. Does YouTube Premium speed up the buffering time of videos?

Yes, YouTube Premium does speed up buffering time for videos. YouTube Premium offers its users an ad-free experience, which allows videos to buffer faster. Additionally, the subscription service provides its users with access to exclusive content, offline viewing, and background playback features.

4. How much faster is YouTube Premium compared to regular YouTube?

YouTube Premium offers higher quality video than regular YouTube, as well as ad-free playback and access to YouTube originals. On average, YouTube Premium streams video up to two times faster than regular YouTube.

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