Is Youtube Poop Dead

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Is YouTube Poop Dead?

YouTube Poop, often abbreviated to YTP, is a type of video which consists of clips from existing media sources that is re-edited, mashed-up, or incorporated into new videos, often containing surreal and nonsensical content. The trend took off in 2006, at the same time YouTube itself started to grow in popularity, and rapidly increased the level of creativity and experimentation in the video-making community, as it yielded countless new possibilities for expression.

It has been nearly fifteen years since YouTube Poop first began, and despite being popular in its time, many have asked if it’s time for YTP to retire, if not already.

Pros and Cons to YTP

  • Pro: YouTube Poop paved the way for a lot of the creativity and experimentation that still exists on YouTube today. It allowed creators to make unconventional and unexpected videos, with no real restrictions on content or style. This kind of creative freedom is something that still benefits the YouTube community across the board.
  • Con: While YTP was entertaining in its time, it often relied on outdated pop culture references and tired jokes that are no longer relevant. This can lead to YTP being seen as outdated and unoriginal by some viewers.

YTP Is Dormant, Not Dead

Despite what it may seem, YouTube Poop is not dead. While it is no longer as popular or prolific as it once was, there are still a handful of creators who continue to make YTP videos. It is mainly the older, more experienced creators who are still active, which means that there are often less new ideas being explored, and the videos can lack the same level of novelty or surprise as when the trend first began.

However, the few active creators that remain are still able to create some genuinely funny content and can sometimes still manage to surprise the viewer. As such, YouTube Poop is not officially dead, but rather remains in a creative hibernation.


YouTube Poop was an entertaining trend that opened up new possibilities for creative expression in the video-making community. While it is no longer as popular as it once was, it hasn’t officially died and there are still creators who are keeping the spirit alive.

How has the trend of Youtube Poop evolved over the years?

Youtube Poop (YTP) began in 2006 as a way to make fun of popular YouTube videos by remixing them with bizarre and hilarious edits. While some people used YTP to make commentary on certain topics or to repurpose old footage, it primarily started as an irreverent way to make fun of pop culture.

Initially, YTPer’s used Adobe Premiere and other video editing tools to manipulate audio and video to create their poops. However, over the years the tools used to make Youtube Poops have changed, with more modern editors focusing primarily on dubbing, sampling and remixing audio. Many of the new edits are much faster-paced and affective than early YTPs, and focus mostly on creating a unique audio-visual effect.

Additionally, the genre of YTP have expanded to include much more than just hijacking YouTube videos. Many creators now use images from popular shows and movies, videogames, and cartoons to make their Poops, as well as original animations. YTPs have also developed their own unique ‘meme’ language, which includes wordplay and audio manipulation of the original source material.

Throughout the years, YTPs have become increasingly complex and creative, and there is no sign of the trend slowing down anytime soon. As technology and software continue to evolve and new ideas are explored, we can only expect YTPs to become even more innovative in the years to come.

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