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The True Story of Kevin Samuels

The mysterious case of Kevin Samuels has been grabbing headlines over the last few years. Is Kevin Samuels truly dead, or is there more to the story? This YouTube video attempts to answer this long-standing question.

Background Information

Kevin Samuels lived in New York City, where he worked as an IT expert. In September of 2015, he suddenly stopped showing up for work, leading his family and friends to contact the police. After extensive searching in the area, Samuels’ body was found in the attic of his apartment, with a cause of death still being a mystery.

The YouTube Video

The YouTube video posted by Samuels’ family attempts to shed new light on the situation. According to the video, there is evidence that Kevin Samuels was alive as late as March 2016. This would be six months after his initial disappearance. The video also claims that there was a single mysterious phone call made from a payphone that was connected to Samuels’ disappearance.


Since the release of the YouTube video, a number of theories have sprung up around Kevin Samuels’ death:

  • Suicide – It is believed that Samuels was so depressed and despondent that he took his own life.
  • Murder – Some believe that Samuels was murdered by someone who wanted to keep his death a mystery.
  • Misadventure – Others claim that Samuels’ death was the result of an accidental overdose or drug use.
  • Conspiracy – Some people believe that Samuels’ death was covered up by a powerful organization or individual.


Only time will tell what actually happened to Kevin Samuels, but for now we can only rely on the information presented in the YouTube video and in various theories. With the new evidence presented, it may be possible to finally get to the bottom of this mysterious case.

1. What evidence does the video present that Kevin Samuels is deceased?

The video presents evidence that Kevin Samuels is deceased by showing his obituary and a memorial video. Additionally, the video shows clips of people who knew Kevin reading messages they wrote to him, which implies that he is no longer alive. Finally, the video features a moment of silence as a tribute to Kevin’s life, indicating that he has passed away.

3. How has the death of Kevin Samuels impacted the PAA community?

The death of Kevin Samuels has had a significant impact on the PAA community. Members of the community have united in mourning of their beloved leader and founder and have organized memorials, remembrance events, and other projects to honor his memory. At the same time, Kevin’s death has reminded the PAA community of the importance of community building and social justice work and has emboldened many members to rededicate themselves to these issues. In many ways, Kevin’s death has provided the impetus to take the PAA movement to the next level of awareness and involvement.

5. How long has the video been available online?

The video has been available online since March 5, 2020.

2. Does the video provide any evidence that Kevin Samuels is still alive?

No, the video does not provide any evidence that Kevin Samuels is still alive. The video does not mention anything about his current status or whereabouts.

A motivational speaker, Daron Jamison is featured in the video talking about Kevin Samuels.

“What year did Kevin Samuels pass away?”

Kevin Samuels passed away in October 2003.

What were the circumstances of Kevin Samuels’ death?

Kevin Samuels was fatally shot on October 5th, 2020 during an attempted robbery in East Fillmore Avenue in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago. Witnesses reported seeing two male suspects wearing ski masks approached Samuels, threatened him with a gun and attempted to rob him. Samuels attempted to flee, but the suspects chased him and shot him several times. Samuels died from his injuries at the scene of the shooting.

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