Is It Possible To Get Captions On Youtube Videos If There Is No ‘cc’ Button

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Is it possible to get captions on Youtube videos if there is no ‘cc’ button?

Youtube videos give viewers the freedom to watch entertaining, educational and inspiring content with the click of a button. Unfortunately, some videos lack captions for viewers who are hard of hearing or are watching without sound. If the ‘cc’ button is not present on the video, is it still possible to get captions?

Yes, Captions May Be Available

The answer is yes, captions may still be available. Using the following tips, viewers can search for captions to the video they wish to watch:

  • Check languages: Check the language list provided by YouTube. If a language is available other than English, there may be captions available.
  • Contact Video Owner: If the video is owned by a third party, viewers can contact the owner and see if they have captions available.
  • Do a Google Search: You can do a Google search using the video title. Captions from other sources may be available.

Automatic Captions

YouTube also offers automatic captions for videos which do not have them. The captions may not always match the audio due to background noise or clear pronunciation. If viewers choose automatic captions, they can always edit them in the captions editor and make the necessary changes.


In conclusion, it is possible to get captions for a Youtube video if there is no ‘cc’ button. Viewers may search for captions in other languages, contact the video owner or do a Google search. YouTube also offers automatic captions which can be edited in the captions editor.

5. Are there any services available to subtitle YouTube videos without the ‘cc’ button?

Yes, there are several services available to subtitle YouTube videos without the ‘cc’ button. These services include,, Subtitle horse and many more.

2. What methods can be used to transcribe audio for YouTube videos?

Some of the most common methods of transcribing audio for YouTube videos include using a transcription service, like Rev, or a transcription software, such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Express Scribe. Additionally, manual transcription is always an option, although it can be time-consuming.

1. Is there a way to add captions to a YouTube video if it does not already have captions?

Yes, YouTube gives users the opportunity to automatically generate captions on the videos they have uploaded. To do this, the user must go to the Video Manager within their account, select the video they want captions for, and then click on the Captions tab. They can then click on “Add new captions or transcript” and select either “Auto-sync” which automatically synchronizes the text with the audio track, or “Upload a file” where they can upload a plain-text transcript that has been prepared outside of YouTube.

4. Is there a tool that shows which YouTube videos have automatic captions?

Yes, YouTube Studio is a tool that shows which YouTube videos have automatic captions. It provides the user the ability to check whether the videos they have uploaded have automatically generated captions and even edit them if needed.

3. Can I access YouTube videos with automated captions and transcripts?

Yes, YouTube provides auto-generated transcripts and captions on many of its videos, which can be found through the settings menu in the video players. Additionally, some videos are transcribed by content creators and uploaded as closed captions manually, which can also be accessed in the settings menu.

“How do I add captions to a YouTube video if there is no ‘cc’ button?”

Unfortunately, if the video owner has not enabled captions for the video, there is no way to add captions youself. You can reach out to the video owner and let them know that you’d like to see captions enabled for their video. They may be open to helping you make that happen.

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