Is It Ok To Buy Youtube Subscribers

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Is It Ok To Buy Youtube Subscribers?

Recently, a lot of people are asking the question – is it ok to buy Youtube Subscribers? This question is getting more popular as buying subscribers from services are becoming increasingly available. Before we explore the pros and cons of buying subscribers, let’s first see what does a subscriber means in terms of Youtube videos and channels.

What is a Youtube Subscriber?

Youtube subscribers are viewers that follow your channel and are notified whenever you post new content and notifications. Subscribers are generally more engaged than viewers that do not follow you and they watch more of your videos. Subscribers also offer brands and businesses visibility and help build presence in the Youtube community.

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Youtube Subscribers?


  • Quickly Generate Visibility: Youtube subscribers give your channel instant visibility as you can quickly certain number of subscribers to show off your channel.
  • Increase Engagement: Subscribers are generally more engaged with your content than people who don’t follow your channel.
  • Better Chance of Growing a Community: As you have more subscribers, there is a higher chance of growing your following organically.


  • Potential for Fake Accounts: When you buy Youtube subscribers, there is no guarantee as to whether these are real people or fake accounts.
  • The Quality is not Always Real: Generally, Youtube subscribers that are bought are not of the same quality as organic subscribers, as they may not be engaging with your content in the same manner.
  • Youtube May Delete Fake Accounts: Youtube is said to delete fake accounts regularly, which means the subscribers you bought may suddenly disappear.

Should You Buy Youtube Subscribers?

The decision whether to buy Youtube subscribers or not is totally up to you. There are several potential benefits from buying Youtube subscribers, however, there are risks associated with it, including having fake accounts and low engagement. However, if you make sure that you get subscribers from a reputable provider, you should be able to minimise the risk.

Ultimately, the best way to make sure your subscribers represent real people with real engagement, is to build your subscribers organically.

3. How can I verify that the subscribers I purchase are genuine?

The best way to verify that the subscribers you purchase are genuine is to check their authenticity by looking into their profile. You should look for indicators such as the engagement rate of the subscribers, how many posts they have made, their profile content, and the quality of their comments. You should also research the seller you are purchasing subscribers from, as well as the service they provide. Additionally, you can use a tool such as SocialBlade to verify the subscriber count and growth rate of the account you are purchasing from.

1. What are the risks of buying Youtube subscribers?

The main risk of buying YouTube subscribers is that you may be flagged for suspicious activity by YouTube. If you are found to have purchased subscribers, your account can be terminated and you may face a permanent ban from YouTube. Additionally, having purchased subscribers may also decrease the reliability of the channel’s analytics data, as these subscribers are likely to be fake or inactive accounts. You may also be accused of purchasing subscribers by other viewers, which could damage your reputation. Finally, buying subscribers can be a waste of money as it does not guarantee increased viewership.