If I Buy All 100k Youtube Subscribers, Than Will Youtube Give Me Silver Play Button

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Will YouTube Give Me a Silver Play Button if I Buy 100k Subscribers?

When it comes to expanding your YouTube channel, many creators think of buying YouTube subscribers. While purchasing subscribers does not directly affect your channel’s ranking on YouTube, it does increase your subscriber count and it can make your channel appear more attractive when potential viewers stumble upon it.

However, some creators are wondering if investing in 100k subscribers can help them earn the coveted Silver Play Button. In this article, we will answer the question of whether buying 100k YouTube subscribers can help earn you this reward.

What is the Silver Play Button?

The Silver Play Button is an award given to YouTube channels that have reached a subscriber count of 100,000 or more subscribers. Earning this award is a source of pride and recognition of the hard work a creator puts into their YouTube channel.

The Silver Play Button Requirements

In order to qualify for a Silver Play Button, your channel needs to meet the following criteria:

  • You need to have a verified channel
  • Your video content needs to comply YouTube’s Terms of Service
  • You need to have a minimum of 100,000 subscribers
  • You should be actively making content

Can Buying 100k Subscribers Help Me Earn the Silver Play Button?

The short answer is No. Purchasing YouTube subscribers does not affect your channel’s ranking. The subscribers you buy don’t watch or engage with your videos, so they are not organic or real subscribers.

Additionally, even if you have a 100k subscribers count, YouTube will review and see if they are real subscribers or they are fake. YouTube may even pause your channel’s analytics, or even terminate it if they detect signs of inauthentic activity. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to not purchase any subscribers, if your aim is to earn the Silver Play Button.

The only way to truly earn the Silver Play Button is to create content that people actually enjoy, and promote it in order to gain more subscribers.


Buying 100k subscribers alone will not bring you a Silver Play Button. The only way to earn the prestigious award is to create quality content, share it with your subscribers, and grow your channel organically.

2. What are the risks involved in buying Youtube subscribers?

The main risk associated with buying YouTube subscribers is that it can lead to account suspension or even termination if the bought subscribers are deemed to be automated or fake accounts. Additionally, purchased subscribers can often prove to be of low quality and their viewership may not contribute to genuine engagement or visibility. Finally, investing in purchased subscribers may steer viewers away from genuine content that could have been seen if those subscribers weren’t bought.

4. Does buying Youtube subscribers increase the chance of getting a Silver Play Button?

No. Buying Youtube subscribers does not increase the chance of getting a Silver Play Button. The Silver Play Button is an award given to creators with 100,000 or more subscribers as an acknowledgment of their success and influence on YouTube. The only way to receive this award is to organically grow subscribers who engage with your content through regular hard work.

1. How much will 100k Youtube subscribers cost?

The cost of purchasing 100k YouTube subscribers can vary greatly depending on the quality of the subscribers purchased, the vendor you are purchasing from, and if you are using a middleman to coordinate the purchase. Generally speaking, the cost of purchasing 100k YouTube subscribers can range anywhere from $250 – $3,000.

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