I Am Making A New Youtube Channel. I Am Using Small Funny Clips From Other Videos Uploaded To Youtube Like Funny Dog Or Cat Situation. Will My Channel Be Monetized Or Rejected

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I Am Making A New Youtube Channel. I Am Using Small Funny Clips From Other Videos Uploaded To Youtube Like Funny Dog Or Cat Situation. Will My Channel Be Monetized Or Rejected?

Creating a Youtube channel with content from other videos is a tricky endeavor and it can be hard to know whether your channel will be monetized or rejected. Youtube is becoming increasingly strict on content that infringes on the copyright of others and could be seen as plagiarism. This means that even if you are taking small clips of others work, Youtube could choose to de-monetize, or even delete your channel entirely depending on the severity.

The best way to make sure your channel will be monetized is to create all the content you plan on publishing yourself. This ensures that the content is purely your own and cannot be claimed by someone else as plagiarism. You can always add in a few videos of other things that peak your interest that do not use anyone else’s work.

However, if you are determined to have a channel full of other people’s works, there are a few things you must do to ensure that it will not be shut down. First, offers only respect the copyright of other videos, unless you have explicit written permission from the video creator. This includes giving credit to them (in the video and in the description) and or linking to the original video in order to encourage viewers to support the original creator. This will demonstrate that you are not trying to steal their work but rather are just creating a platform to enjoy the same content. Second, if you get a copyright strike then make sure to abide by whatever restrictions Youtube puts on you. This could include taking down the video, blocking it in certain countries, or muting the sound. Lastly, try to keep your clips as small as possible, as using full videos or too much of the video can trigger the automated copyright infringement in Youtube.

Creating a Youtube channel using other videos’ content is possible, but it is important to make sure that you are following the rules set in place by Youtube. If done correctly, you should have your channel monetized without any issues. Happy streaming and remember to always be respectful of other people’s work!

Do I need to have an original content base in order to get accepted into YouTube Partnership and Adsense monetization?

Yes, YouTube requires your content to be original in order to be accepted into YouTube partnership program and Adsense monetization. YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines state that content which breaches copyright laws can result in account termination.

Will I be able to monetize my videos if they contain clips of videos uploaded by other content creators on YouTube?

The short answer is yes, you can monetize your videos if they contain clips of other content creators on YouTube. However, depending on the content owners’ wishes and copyright rules, you may need to get permission from the owners to use their videos. Additionally, YouTube’s copyright policy may require that you include attributions to the original creators in your videos.

Are there any YouTube monetization policies I should be aware of when creating a channel using clips from other videos?

Yes, YouTube has specific monetization policies when using clips from other videos. YouTube’s Partner Program policy states that you can monetize other people’s content as long as you follow these rules:

1. Use creative editing or transitions to create a unique and original remix of other people’s content.

2. Use short clips of content to complement your own original video.

3. Be sure to provide proper credit to the original creator, or you may face a copyright claim or even a Content ID match.

4. Make sure to add your own content and perspectives to any video that you are remixing or editing.

5. Make sure the video does not contain any commercial use of third-party content.

These policies are subject to change, so it is important to review YouTube’s Partner Program policies regularly.

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