How To Watch YouTube Videos Offline On Any Device

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Want to watch YouTube videos on your phone without Wi-Fi or after you’ve reached your mobile data limit? Here are the download instructions.

Even if YouTube is one of the most popular sites for streaming information on the move, you may not always have a reliable connection to stream your favorite material. Therefore, downloading YouTube videos is useful.

Here’s how to download YouTube videos and view them offline on your Android device.

How to Download Videos from YouTube to Your Android Device

It is simple to download YouTube videos on Android. You may be able to download specific YouTube videos for offline watching, depending on your area. Here is a list of all the countries where YouTube allows offline viewing of specific material downloaded for offline viewing.

If your location is supported, you can download YouTube videos by following these steps:

  • Launch the YouTube app on your mobile device.
  • Using the search box in the upper-right, look for the video you wish to download.
  • Tap the video to access its viewing page, then tap the Download option. Alternately, press More (three vertical dots) next to the video’s title and choose Download video.

YouTube will prompt you to pick the video download quality if you’re doing it for the first time. Choose an appropriate Download Quality and then hit Download to begin the process. Make sure the Remember my settings switch is turned on so you won’t have to repeat the step when downloading another YouTube video.

Once your YouTube video has finished downloading, a Video downloaded notification will appear at the bottom. Additionally, the Download button now reads Downloaded. This implies that you may now see the video without an internet connection.

To access downloaded videos, select Downloads from the Library menu. If you launch the app without an internet connection, YouTube will display a button labeled See Your Downloads that you may press to see your downloads immediately.

YouTube is only one of numerous platforms that provide free movie downloads.

While it is simple to download YouTube videos on Android, you may be asking what the catch is. Actually, there are plenty. The first is that, depending on your area, you may require a YouTube Premium subscription.

If you reside in a region where YouTube’s subscription service is offered, you must pay $11.99 per month to use the download option, an ad-free experience, and other benefits.

The video can only be seen using the YouTube mobile app. When you download a video within the YouTube mobile app, you cannot watch it using a third-party app or move it to another device. The primary reason for this is because YouTube encrypts material downloaded to your device.

Additionally, you must reconnect your Android device to the internet at least once every 48 hours. In certain locations, however, YouTube will only require you to reconnect your device to the internet once every 29 days in order to access non-music material.

The required connection guarantees that the video’s information is current with its online counterpart. It also helps YouTube check a video’s availability status. Therefore, if the author removes a video, it will no longer be accessible when you rejoin to the internet.

Not all YouTube videos are available for download. YouTube allows producers to decide whether or not their videos are downloaded.

Watch Offline YouTube Videos on Android

The YouTube download feature is convenient, particularly for individuals in regions with low access. Download YouTube videos offline to guarantee you always have something to watch when your Internet connection is down.

Depending on where you are, you might require a YouTube Premium subscription. Suppose you’re lucky and reside in a region not yet served by YouTube Premium. Then, it will be possible to download YouTube videos without a membership (as long as the download feature is available in your region).

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