How To Verify A Youtube Channel

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How to Verify a Youtube Channel

In order to protect the YouTube community, some accounts are verified and receive a checkmark badge. The badge lets others know that the account is the authentic presence of a creator, business, or public figure. Here’s how to make sure that your channel gets verified:

Steps to Verify Your Youtube Channel

  • Confirm your account: First, you should make sure to use a channel name and profile photo that accurately represents your YouTube presence. Then confirm your channel through a linked website, phone number, Adsense account, and/or Google+ page.
  • Promote your channel regularly: Keep your channel active by creating content; adding new videos; and ensuring that your channel looks and feels professional.
  • Read and follow the YouTube Terms of Service: Make sure you stay within YouTube guidelines when creating content and promoting your channel.
  • Fill out a verification form: Once you’ve met the guidelines and promotional criteria, fill out the online form found in YouTube’s Help Center. Provide the requested information, including a copy of a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Wait for a response from YouTube: YouTube will review your request and email you if your channel is verified. Depending on how busy they are with requests, it may take some time for them to review your request.

The process for verifying a YouTube channel isn’t always easy, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Having a verified channel lends credibility and authenticity to your content, and helps you to attract more viewers and followers.

2. What are the necessary steps to verify a Youtube channel?

To verify a YouTube channel, you must take the following steps:

1. Sign in to your YouTube channel.

2. Click on your channel’s icon in the top right corner and select YouTube Settings.

3. Select the ‘Verify’ tab.

4. Enter your phone number to receive a verification code.

5. Enter the verification code.

6. Submit your request to verify your channel.

5. How can I tell if a Youtube channel has been successfully verified?

Once your channel has been verified, you will receive an email notification and a notification in your YouTube account. You will also see a badge next to your profile name on YouTube, indicating that your channel has been verified.

1. What methods can I use to verify a Youtube channel?

You can verify a Youtube channel by using the following methods:

1. Link your website or social media accounts: You can link your website or social media accounts with your YouTube channel in order to provide further verification.

2. Get a custom URL: You can get a custom URL (i.e., for your channel to make your channel easier to find and verify.

3. Reach the verification threshold: You can reach the verification threshold by getting over 100,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid publicly viewable watch hours.

4. Have your channel certified by YouTube: You can have YouTube certify your channel by providing the necessary documents to prove that you own the channel.

3. Are there specific criteria I must meet to verify a Youtube channel?

Yes, YouTube requires that you meet certain criteria in order to verify a channel. These criteria include an associated website or a Google+ page, a channel icon and channel art, at least 100 subscribers, a channel trailer video, and a ‘channel about page’. To get started, you also need to have a Google Account.

4. Can I verify a Youtube channel without providing personal information?

Yes, it is possible to verify a Youtube channel without providing personal information. Youtube allows users to verify their account by connecting their channel to a Google account and providing a phone number. This creates a verified badge on their channel page and provides access to additional features. Additionally, it is also possible to verify a channel through the YouTube Partner Program.