How to Upload from PS4 to YouTube (2020)

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How to Upload from PS4 to YouTube (2020)

Connecting your PlayStation 4 gaming console to YouTube adds a lot of convenience when it comes to sharing your gaming clips and highlights. Whether you are streaming your gameplay or uploading pre-recorded clips to YouTube, the process to use the PlayStation 4 is the same. Here’s how to do it:

1. Prepare the Content You Want to Upload

The first step is to boot up your PS4. If you have pre-recorded the footage you want to upload, locate the video clip in the Capture Gallery section of your PS4. Your recent games and broadcasts – options like SHAREfactory project and Shattered Memories – will be viewable in the Capture Gallery. Select the game/content you want to upload and press the “Options” button.

2. Modify Video before Uploading

Once you have chosen the clip that you would like to upload to YouTube, press the “Options” button to access the following features:

  • Trim: This feature allows you to edit the clip to just the part you want to show.
  • Highlight: If you have only recorded the highlights of your game, this feature allows you to delete all other parts of the clip.
  • Create Video: This tool will combine several clips of your gameplay and allows you to add voiceover commentary and special effects.

Once you are happy with the modifications, press the “Create Video” button to move to the next step.

3. Select YouTube as the Destination

Now that you have prepared the content you want to upload, you can select YouTube from the list of upload destinations. Selecting YouTube as the destination will open a page where you can enter a title and a brief description for the video.

4. Upload to YouTube

After entering the necessary details, press the “Share” button and then the “Upload” button. This process will upload the video to your YouTube channel.

You can check the progress of the upload by accessing the “Upload in Progress” page from the Notifications tab on your main PS4 menu.

Now that you know how to upload from PS4 to YouTube, you can quickly and easily share clips with your friends and the world!

3. How should videos be optimized and prepared before attempting to upload to YouTube from a PS4?

Before attempting to upload a video to YouTube from a PS4, the video needs to be optimized and prepared for best viewing results. Here are some steps to prepare the video for upload:

1. Adjust the video settings on the PS4 to the desired settings. This should include setting the resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio. This will help ensure the video looks as high-quality as possible when uploaded to YouTube.

2. Trim the video as necessary to avoid long loading times, or unwanted content. This will help keep your video concise and the best length for viewer engagement.

3. Compress the video file to reduce the overall file size. This will help the upload time of the video to YouTube, as well as save on storage space on the PS4.

4. Use an appropriate file format, such as .MP4 or .MOV, to ensure the video will be compatible with YouTube’s video platform.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your video is optimized for the best possible viewing results when uploaded to YouTube from your PS4.

2. What methods of authentication are required to connect a PS4 and YouTube account?

The two methods of authentication required to connect a PS4 and YouTube account are signing in to your YouTube account and linking the YouTube account to your Sony Entertainment Network account. For signing in to your YouTube account, you need to enter your username and password. For linking your YouTube account to your Sony Entertainment Network account, you will need to enter a code provided by YouTube in your Sony Entertainment Network account.