How To Set Up A Youtube Parental Control

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How To Set Up A Youtube Parental Control

As a parent, you want to ensure the safety of your kids while they explore the world of online media, including YouTube. Fortunately, there are many great tools available to help parents manage their children’s online content consumption. One of the best tools is YouTube’s parental control offering. Here’s how to set it up.

Step 1: Create a YouTube account specifically for your kids

First, you’ll need to create a YouTube account specifically for your children to use. To do this, go to the YouTube homepage and select “Create account.” Enter your children’s information, such as their name and birthdate. Be sure to check the box that indicates the account is for a minor.

Step 2: Enable the restricted mode

With your child’s YouTube account created, you can set up parental controls. To do this, select “Restricted Mode” in the account settings. This will act as a filter, blocking access to any videos deemed unsuitable for minors. You also have the option to adjust the level of filtering on your child’s account.

The next step is to create a “family link,” which allows parents to manage the apps their children can access and the amount of time they can spend on it. To do this, go to the YouTube website and select “family link.” Create an account for yourself, then enter your child’s account information.

Once set up, you can set limits on how much time kids can spend on YouTube and keep an eye on their content consumption. You can also set up restrictions on what types of videos they can watch, such as those rated Y7 or higher. Additionally, you can block them from comment sections or turn off the autoplay feature.

Step 4: Use third-party parental control services

Finally, you can use third-party parental control services to further monitor your children’s YouTube activity. These services allow parents to set daily time limits on YouTube, block certain videos, restrict comments, and more. Popular parental control services include Norton Family, Qustodio, and Kaspersky Safe Kids.

Setting up parental controls for YouTube may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these four simple steps to get started and ensure your children’s safety while they explore the world of online media.

Are there any additional protective measures I should take when setting up Youtube parental controls?

Yes, you can take some additional steps when setting up Youtube parental controls.

1. Create a YouTube Kids profile: YouTube Kids offers a separate profile that can be customized with parental controls to allow only content age-appropriate for your children.

2. Activate safety mode: Activate safety mode to filter potentially mature or explicit content.

3. Restrict search results: When enabled, search results are restricted to only show content that is appropriate for your children.

4. Manage partner content: Manage what partner content your children can and cannot watch.

5. Monitor your children’s watch history: This allows you to keep track of what videos they have watched and help shape their viewing habits.

6. Use social media filters: Utilize filters to help screen out vulnerabilities and unwanted content on other social media platforms.

Are there any age-appropriate filtering techniques I can use with Youtube parental control?

Yes, there are several age-appropriate filtering techniques that can be used with YouTube parental control. YouTube has several features, such as Safety Mode, Restricted Mode, and Multi-Profile Management, to help limit and control the content that is viewed. Safety Mode is an opt-in feature that blocks videos that contain strong language or mature content, as well as videos from channels with suspicious or inappropriate content. Restricted Mode is another opt-in feature that blocks some sensitive content from appearing in search results, video recommendations, and playlists. Lastly, Multi-Profile Management allows parents to create different profiles with different settings for different age ranges, including “Pre-teen” and “Teen” profiles.

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