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How to see someone’s old story on Instagram

Seeing Someone’s Old Story on Instagram

In today’s world, everyone wants to catch up with their friends’ stories on Instagram. However, if you missed one of your friends’ story, or want to check out one of their older stories, you can easily do so. Here is how:

Step 1: Go to the User’s Page

Navigate to the profile of the user whose story you want to see. If their profile is public, you can simply find it by looking it up, if not, you will need to ask them to accept your follow request.

Step 2: Select the Story Highlight

On their profile, you will be able to see the Story Highlights. These are collections of stories related to a certain topic that the user has saved for later access. Select the highlight you wish to view.

Step 3: Scroll Through Their Old Stories

At the bottom of the story highlight you have selected, you will be able to see an arrow. Click that arrow to scroll through the stories related to that highlight. You will be able to see the older stories, along with the most recent one.

Step 4: Enjoy the Story!

Now, you can enjoy the story, like or comment on it, and save it for later access.

Note: This method only works if the user has saved their story as a highlight, if not, you may not be able to access the story.

With that said, here are some tips you can use to see someone’s old stories on Instagram:

  1. Check Highlights: Most users save their stories as highlights, so checking out their highlights is the easiest way to see old stories.
  2. Follow Them: If their profile isn’t private, you can simply follow them and see their stories.
  3. Ask Them: If the story is important to you, you can try contacting the person and request to see their old story, they may be able to help.

That’s it! Now you know how to view old stories on Instagram without any problems. So go ahead and try it out!

3. How can I search to find old stories posted by someone on Instagram?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly search for old stories posted by someone on Instagram. You can only view the stories posted in the last 24 hours. However, you can use STORYV to browse and save old stories. STORYV is an online archive which allows you to search for stories on Instagram.

1. What is the maximum amount of time a story remains visible on Instagram?

The maximum amount of time a story remains visible on Instagram is 24 hours. After that, the story will no longer be visible to the public.

5. How does Instagram record and store someone’s story after it has been viewed?

Instagram stores an individual’s story after it has been viewed as an internal file on its server. The file is stored in a special section titled “Stories” and is then available to view within Instagram’s mobile app or on a web browser. Stories are available to view for up to 24 hours, after which they are automatically deleted. Users can also delete stories before the 24-hour mark.

2. Is there any way to save someone’s Instagram story before it disappears?

Yes, there are several ways to save someone’s Instagram story before it disappears. You can save the story to your camera roll by taking a screenshot, or you can save it using a third-party app. Some third-party apps allow you to access stories anonymously and save the stories to your phone for longer-term storage.

4. Are there any tools available to view deleted Instagram stories?

Unfortunately, no. Instagram does not allow users to view deleted stories, and there are no tools available to view them.

What are the ways to find an old Instagram story?

1. Download the Instagram app, go to your profile, and select the Archive option. This will allow you to view your past Instagram stories.

2. Use the search feature to look for keywords related to the story.

3. Search through your profile using the hashtag feature to look for any relevant hashtags related to the story.

4. Use a third-party application such as Story Reposter to search for and retrieve old Instagram stories.

5. Reach out to friends or followers who have interacted with the story and ask them to screenshot it and send it to you.

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