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How To Reset Youtube Not Showing Me Videos Of My Subscriptions In My Feed

How to Reset YouTube Not Showing Me Videos of My Subscriptions in My Feed

If you are having trouble with YouTube not showing you videos of your subscriptions in your feed, resetting your YouTube account can help fix this issue.

Steps to Resetting your YouTube Account

  1. Open your YouTube app and go to the Settings option in the menu.
  2. Then select the Settings option again.
  3. Scroll and select the Reset option.
  4. You will be asked to enter your Google Account Password. Enter the password and confirm.
  5. The account reset process will begin. Depending on the number of videos in the account and the speed of your device, the process could take several minutes.
  6. Once the reset process is completed, YouTube will no longer show videos of your subscriptions in your feed.


If you are having trouble with YouTube not showing you videos of your subscriptions in your feed, resetting your YouTube account is the best way to fix the issue. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned above to reset your YouTube account with ease.

2. How can I ensure that my Youtube subscription feed is up-to-date?

To ensure that your Youtube subscription feed is up-to-date, you can make sure to check your feed regularly. You can also set up notifications for when new content from your subscribed channels is uploaded. Additionally, Youtube has an “auto-subscribe” feature that allows you to automatically subscribe to channels when they upload new content. This can help ensure your subscription feed is up-to-date and relevant.

4. What troubleshooting options are available if I’m not seeing my subscriptions in my Youtube feed?

If you are not seeing your Youtube subscriptions in your Youtube feed, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Refresh the page and check if the subscriptions appear – Sometimes, refreshing the page can get rid of any bugs or glitches in the system.

2. Check if your subscriptions are set to public – Sometimes, subscriptions can be set to private, or not feature in your feed at all. You can check this setting in your Youtube homepage settings.

3. Ensure you have set the correct notifications – It is possible to have the wrong notification settings for your subscriptions. Ensure that you have notifications enabled for your subscribed channels in the ‘Notifications’ page.

4. Contact Youtube support – If you are still unable to see your subscriptions, you can reach out to Youtube support and see what could be done to fix the problem.

1. What steps should I take if my Youtube notifications don’t show the videos from my subscriptions?

If your YouTube notifications are not showing the videos from your subscriptions, there are a few things you can do to try to fix it:

1. Check your YouTube notification settings. You may have notifications for all types of videos turned off, which would explain why you’re not seeing any updates from your subscriptions.

2. Make sure you’re subscribed to the channels you want to be notified about. If you aren’t subscribed, go to the channel and hit the subscribe button.

3. Check your internet speed. YouTube notifications are only sent if you have a good connection to the YouTube servers.

4. Finally, try restarting your device and/or the YouTube app. This can often resolve minor glitches in the app that can prevent notifications from appearing.

5. How can I optimize my Youtube notifications to ensure I receive alerts on my subscribed content?

To ensure you receive notifications on your subscribed content, go to your YouTube account settings, click on Notifications, and then select the appropriate options for monitizing and frequency. You can also customize YouTube notifications on your mobile devices and on your YouTube homepage. Additionally, you can manage your YouTube subscriptions on your homepage, where you can add and remove content and adjust the eligibility for notifications for any given channel.

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