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How To Remove The Recommended Videos On Youtube

Do you want to get rid of the recommended videos that appear on your Youtube homepage? Fortunately, removing them is a very simple task and you can do it in a few easy steps. Here’s how:

STEP 1: Access the Settings

Go to the Menu Icon (in the top right-hand corner of the Youtube homepage) and select Settings, located in the drop-down list of options.

STEP 2: Navigate to the Privacy Tab

Once you are in the Settings page, you need to go to the Privacy tab. You can do this by simply pressing on the tab name or by scrolling down until you see it.

In the Privacy tab, you’ll find the Recommended Videos option. Click on it to open the settings. Here, you can choose the kind of videos that appear in your recommendations.

STEP 4: Turn off the Personalized Results

To remove the recommended videos, you need to turn off the Personalized Results option. Just switch the toggle to the left to complete this step.

STEP 5: Apply Your Settings and Enjoy Your Porn-free Youtube Feed

You’re done! Just press Apply and your Youtube homepage should now be free of annoying recommended videos!

Additional Options

If you want an extra level of customization, you can use these additional options:

  • You can prevent individual channels from appearing in your recommendations by clicking on the Block this channel option in the video’s description.
  • You can also choose to filter adult content by selecting Filter Mature content in the privacy tab.


By following these simple steps, you are now able to remove the recommended videos on your Youtube homepage. Happy browsing!

The quickest way to disable Recommended Videos on YouTube is to click the gear icon at the top of the YouTube page and uncheck the “Display Recommended Videos When the Video Ends” option. The recommended videos will no longer appear after you finish watching a video.

No. Removing the Recommended Videos only prevents you from seeing videos that YouTube automatically recommends to you. It does not affect the recommendations you might receive based on your viewing history and habits.

Yes, there are some potential drawbacks to removing YouTube’s Recommended Videos. First, YouTube will likely lose some users who rely on its Recommendations to find new content that appeals to them. This could potentially reduce revenue as advertisers rely on such users to increase their exposure. Additionally, YouTube will no longer be able to retain users through its personalized recommendations, which are essential for increasing user engagement. Finally, this could reduce opportunities for new content creators, as YouTube won’t be able to automatically promote their videos to relevant audiences.

Disabling the Recommended Videos option on YouTube will prevent YouTube from displaying personalized video recommendations as users browse videos. This will reduce the number of videos and channels that users are recommended as they search and watch videos. Without the Recommended Videos option enabled, users may find themselves having to search for more relevant content instead of being presented with relevant content without taking extra steps.

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