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How to Recover Photos On Snapchat After Uninstalling it

Snapchat is now the third most popular social media platform, after Facebook and Instagram. With Snapchat, you can post images and share your social life more actively than ever before. In addition, you may add movies, text, and filters to spice up your tale. And with the additional capabilities, there are several ways to have fun while sharing current and old experiences with pals.

However, like other social network applications, Snapchat reveals several disadvantages. The primary one being a 10-second time limit. The receiver can only see the photos or videos for the period specified. When that period expires, you’ll need to restore deleted Snapchat memories on your Android device, since Snapchat will delete your video automatically. Yes! Recovery is conceivable, and we will reveal the potential routes to a speedy recuperation.

But first, let’s learn what Snapchat is about!

What exactly is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a smartphone application used for social networking on both Android and iOS devices. It allows you to share your memories with your friends and family through images and videos. In addition to sharing photographs, Snapchat allows you to configure particular characteristics, the most prominent of which is the’self-destruct’ timer. Set it between 1 and 10 seconds. Remember that Snapchat will immediately remove your transmitted video or image after your quota expires.

The feature ‘Self-destruct’ is what gives Snapchat its ego. The function safeguards your privacy. The sketching tool is another popular function that may be used to express yourself creatively. Other attributes include:

This is the Snapchat boom. The Lenses enable you to add entertaining real-time effects to your movies, such as superimposing a face, exchanging faces with pals, or altering your voice. And Snapchat Memories has you covered when it comes to sharing the memories you will love forever. You may upload Snaps and photographs from your picture albums. And it becomes much simpler when you add tags to your Snaps or photographs. Simply swipe up on your camera’s display to access and share your memories.

This is the appropriate app for you if you are a storyteller. Using this function, you may collect your movies and photographs and publish them as a narrative. This does not restrict your audience to 10 seconds, but to a whole day. Yes! Your tales have a 24-hour lifespan. If you enjoy forthcoming news, you must utilize the ‘Discover’ function. Snapchat now provides access to news and entertainment videos produced by its media partners. Check the bottom right of your screen for material that never ends. Similarly, you may forward all of the goods to your friends. Snapchat requires you to be on your toes as well. The Snapstreaks feature is a gaming element requiring only a few guidelines. You should strive to keep a continuous text conversation with your communicating companion.

This feature makes your narratives juicier. Emojis are little motions that may be included into your message. They can also be utilized independently. Approximately 200 emoji stickers are accessible for exploration. Let’s now explore the numerous methods for retrieving deleted Snapchat photographs.

How to Recover Snapchat Photos from an Android Device

Remember that Snapchat photographs will disappear when the allotted amount of time has passed. However, they just disappear from the Snapchat system and remain on your Android storage device. These three ways will provide immediate relief.

Recover Snapchat Images from an Android Device Using Cache Files

This is one method for retrieving Snapchat photos from an Android smartphone. Android phones have a crucial feature that allows them to store cache memory for each program. Therefore, even if you lose your data, you may retrieve it from the Cache files.

  • Launch ‘File Manager’.
  • Then examine the Android folder by opening it.
  • Next, open an additional “Data” folder. Don’t forget to choose the folder.
  • Check the ‘Cache’ folder for photographs and videos. The folder’s name should be received image snaps. In order to retrieve your photographs, open the folder.
  • Retrieve Snapchat Images on Android Using Google Photos
  • Google also has a great method for protecting your data. So your images will be deleted? You may recover them instantly from Google Photos. There is a storage backup to which your phone automatically syncs data. Remember to activate the ‘auto-sync’ option for this to work. It will subsequently be possible to retrieve your photographs from Google Drive. Follow the instructions below.
  • Sign in to your account on Google. Remember that you require your username and password
  • Tap the’recent backup’ folder next. Recent information, including photographs, will be accessible.
  • Examine the Snapchat photographs and choose the ones you wish to retrieve.
  • Then select the ‘Restore’ option to retrieve your Android’s photographs.


Snapchat offers a variety of options to communicate your delight with your pals. And despite the fact that Snapchat immediately deletes photographs after 10 seconds, it is still possible to recover Snapchat photos on Android. Additionally, you may utilize a dependable tool to restore your photographs. If the first two methods do not result in a speedy recovery, the third option should be pursued.

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