How to Manage Your Subscriptions on YouTube

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How to Manage Your Subscriptions on YouTube

Subscribing to YouTube channels helps you stay up-to-date with the latest content provided by the channel. It’s a great way to follow your favorite YouTubers and get notified when new videos are released. But managing your subscriptions can be tricky, especially if you’re subscribed to a lot of channels.

Steps to Manage YouTube Subscriptions

  1. Log in to YouTube. Before you can manage your subscriptions, you need to make sure that you’re signed into your YouTube account. Once you’re logged in, the navigation menu at the top of the page should change and the navigation menu on the left side of the page will appear.
  2. Access the Subscriptions section. Once you’re signed in, click on the side navigation menu and select “Subscriptions”. A list of all your subscribed channels will be displayed.
  3. Check your subscriptions. You can use this page to keep an eye on channels you’re subscribed to, find channels that you haven’t checked in a while and check out what new and exciting content is available.
  4. Unsubscribe from a channel. If you want to unsubscribe from a channel, just select the “Unsubscribe” button on the right side. Once you’ve done that, you’ll no longer receive notifications when the channel publishes new videos.
  5. Manage subscription settings. You can also optimize your subscription experience even further. Click on your profile picture at the top-right corner of the page and select “Settings”. From there, you can select the “Subscriptions” tab to access additional settings.

Additional Tips:

  • If you’re unsure about a channel, you can always mute notifications for that channel without fully unsubscribing.
  • You can also use the “Subscriptions Feed” on your homepage, which shows content from channels you subscribed to.
  • You can also use the “Subscriptions” page to organize your subscriptions into categories and get quick access to the channels you use the most.

Managing your YouTube subscriptions doesn’t have to be complicated. With the steps outlined above, you can easily keep track of your subscriptions and make sure you always have access to the latest videos from your favorite YouTube channels.

2. How do I access my YouTube subscription settings?

To access your subscription settings on YouTube, click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select “Settings.” From there, click on “Subscriptions” in the left navigation menu to view and manage your YouTube subscriptions.

4. How do I review the list of channels I’m subscribed to on YouTube?

You can review the list of channels you’re subscribed to on YouTube by going to the YouTube Home page, selecting the Subscriptions icon on the left navigation bar, and clicking the “Manage” button. This will bring up a listing of all the channels you’re subscribed to and you can view each channel’s information.

5. How do I update my payment information for subscriptions on YouTube?

To update your payment information for YouTube subscriptions, take the following steps:

1. Sign in to your YouTube account, and open the Payments center at

2. Click on “Manage Settings” in the Payment methods section.

3. Select your current payment method from the list, and click Edit.

4. Enter your new payment information and click Save.

5. Review your updated information, and click Confirm.

You can also update your payment information for YouTube subscriptions by clicking the “Manage Subscriptions” option from your YouTube account page. From there, click “Change Payment Method” and enter the new payment information.