How to Make a YouTube Poop

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Creating a YouTube Poop

YouTube Poop (or YTP for short) is an art form and video genre utilizing pre-existing video clips, as well as video and audio-editing in order to create a unique piece of audiovisual media. Making YouTube Poop is a creative and enjoyable venture, and with the right tools and spirit of experimentation, anyone can partake in this art form.

1. Gather Your Video Clips

The most interesting and unique YouTube Poops are made with a wide selection of video clips. Try to draw from various sources such as TV shows, films, cartoons, gaming content, and music videos. Keep your clips organized in labeled folders, as this will make it easier to keep track of them and find them quickly during the editing process.

2. Choose an Audio Track

Once you have your video clips chosen, it’s time to find an audio track to accompany them. Look for a song or other audio clip that will emphasize the funny or absurd aspects of the visual clips you’ve chosen. It’s ok if the track is somewhat strange or out of the ordinary.

3. Editing to Create Your YouTube Poop

Now it’s time to start putting your YouTube Poop together. Many people use editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects, while others opt to go with simpler video editors like iMovie. When you’re editing, make sure to include visual and audio effects to create unique combinations of your clips and the audio track.

Some popular effects you can use when editing are:

  • Fast-forwards and slow motion
  • Reversing the video or audio
  • Insane Zooms
  • Adding Color Effects
  • Adding Echo, Reverb, and other audio effects

4. Upload and Share Your Poop

Now that your YouTube Poop is complete, it’s time to upload it for the world to see. Give your Poop a good title and description, and make sure to include relevant tags so your video can show up in searches. Once it’s uploaded, share it with your friends and family, and start honing your craft to create even more unique and funny YouTube Poops.


Creating your own YouTube Poop can be a fun and creative experience. With a little bit of hard work and some experimentation with video and audio editing, you can create unique pieces of audiovisual art that are sure to entertain the masses. So gather your clips, choose the perfect audio track, and get to poopin’!

4. Are there specific conventions or elements that should be included when crafting a YouTube Poop?

Yes, there are some elements that are considered conventions when crafting a YouTube Poop. These conventions include an original audio source or sources (which are then edited, or “mangled” to make them sound strange or comedic); mashups that combine two unlikely sources; bizarre transitions that purposefully disrupt the flow of content; an overall atmosphere of general chaos and nonsensical humor; constant video and audio clips that get repeated quickly, often in a loop; and catchy or meme-worthy pieces of dialogue.

5. What are some examples of successful YouTube Poops?

Some of the best and most successful examples of YouTube Poops include:

  • Gonnnnaaa Paaaarrttttyyyy – YTP by theamazingai
  • Hello AAAAAAAAGAIN – YTP by 10kviews
  • Wario in My Mind’s Labyrinth – YTP by XatriX969
  • Sonic’s Really Spicy Meatball – YTP by Egoraptor
  • Property of Bowser – YTP by loveneesh
  • Portal of Doooooom – YTP by eddaket

1. What is the basic technique for creating a YouTube Poop?

The basic technique for creating a YouTube Poop involves editing together extracts from existing videos, often changing their context or adding sound effects, to create a humorous or bizarre viewing experience. Commonly used techniques include the addition of exaggerated voice clips and text, rearranging and randomising visuals, using sped-up and slowed-down footage, and re-editing to add panning and zooming effects.

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