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How to Make a YouTube Plush Series

1. What supplies are needed to create a plush series for YouTube?

Creating a Plush YouTube Series

Creating a plush YouTube series can be an enjoyable journey in the creative world! Plush YouTube series generally fall under the genres of animation, sitcoms, or gaming. It’s important to remember, the process of creating a plush YouTube series involves a lot of work. Here are some tips on how to make a successful plush YouTube series:


  • Create an Idea: Coming up with an interesting idea or theme for your series is the starting point. Once you know what your series is about, you can start the process of bringing it to life.
  • Write a Script: Once you have solidified your idea, you’ll need to write a script that outlines the plot and characters.
  • Character Design: Develop characters for your series and give each a distinct personality. Consider their traits, backstory and how they interact with one another.
  • Story Board: A story board will help you organize your series’ visuals. Articulate each scene and map out shot sizes, angles, and transitions.
  • Recording Script: Record a voice over or dialogue for each scene. This will require hiring voice actors to bring the characters to life.


  • Creating the Plush Characters: Once the characters have been established and the script is written, it’s time to create your plush characters. Start by sketching out the design of the characters.
  • Construct the Plush Characters: Once you are satisfied with the design of your characters, it’s time to construct them. Select the fabric, stuffing, and additional materials to bring them to life.
  • Set Design: If you plan on having a real-life set in your series, design a simple set that your plush characters can interact in. Keep it simple and straightforward.
  • Lighting: Lighting is essential to bring your series to life. Experiment with lighting to bring out the highlights, shadows and texture of your characters.
  • Filming: When all of your preparation is done, it’s time to film your series. Set up your camera and start shooting. Remember to film in segments so if mistakes occur, you don’t have to start from the beginning.

Post Production

  • Audio: Balance and mix the voices and background audio to match the video. Audio can bring your series to life and convey emotions that visuals can often miss.
  • Editing: Edit your video footage together and ensure continuity between scenes. Crop out any unwanted sections of your videos.
  • Color Correction: Make sure your colors have the right look, feel, and mood. Tweak the brightness, saturation and contrast to improve the overall look of your series.
  • Adding Titles and Music: Add title screens to the beginning and end of your series. Include music to add an extra layer of emotion to your series.
  • Publish on YouTube: When your plush series is complete, upload it to YouTube for the world to see. Promote your series on social media to encourage more people to watch.

Creating a plush YouTube series can be a fun and creative journey. Follow this guide to ensure your series is successful. Good luck!

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