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How To Make A Good First Youtube Video

Making Your First Youtube Video

Are you looking to launch your online presence in the form of a Youtube video? Then congratulations on taking the first step! But, you may be feeling overwhelmed at the prospect right now. Having been in this situation before, we are here to make sure you don’t start on the wrong footing. Here are some tips on how to make the best out of your first Youtube video:

Think About the Niche You Want to Target

The very first step is to find the right niche. It could be a hobby, special interest or a skill; whatever you are passionate about. Think about what will make your video unique to viewers and make sure you focus on creating something that will easily be called upon as opposed to something that is closely related to existing videos.

Prepare Your Content

Once you have your niche, you can start preparing your content. Research on the topic and identify the topics that you want to cover. Also, make sure you come up with fresh content to stand apart from other videos.

Writing a script for your video can be helpful for two reasons:

  • It helps you stay organized: Writing a script will ensure you have an organized structure for the video.
  • It helps you stay on track: A script helps keep your video coherent, allowing you to stay on track with the content your viewers came expecting to watch.

Choose the Right Equipment

It’s time to gear up! You can start off with whatever you already have around the house, including a smartphone and laptop. As your confidence grows and viewership increases, you can invest in better quality equipment. For example, buying a camera, microphone, and lighting that suits your needs.

Sharing Your Video

Once you have created your masterpiece, it’s time for you to share it with the world. Write a descriptive title, add tags, and choose an attractive thumbnail. This will help ensure that your video gets noticed. In addition, you should also promote it on social media accounts, websites, and communities to boost viewership.

Evaluate and Improve

As with anything else, practice makes perfect. Look back at your first video and critically evaluate it. Understand what went right, what went wrong and make sure you take notes. Based on what you observed, figure out what needs to be improved going forward.

So, there you have it! If you keep these tips in mind, you have a higher chance of having a successful Youtube channel. Good luck!

5. What are some creative ways to market my first Youtube video?

There are a variety of creative ways to market your first YouTube video:

  • Post a link to the video on your social media pages, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Create a buzz by writing a blog post about the video and linking to it.
  • Reach out to relevant bloggers, podcasters, and influencers and ask them to share your video.
  • Create a hashtag for your video and encouraging people to share it using that hashtag.
  • Find popular YouTube channels in your niche that are likely to enjoy your content, and ask them to feature it.
  • Comment on videos related to your topic and ask people to check out your video.
  • Include annotations to link people to your video.
  • Offer to do a Q&A session with your audience after they’ve watch your video.
  • Interact with your viewers by responding to comments and answering questions on the video.

1. What type of content should I focus my first Youtube video around?

The type of content you focus your first Youtube video around should depend on the subject matter you plan to cover on your channel. If you already have an idea for the kind of content you want to produce, then create a video that introduces viewers to what you plan to do on the channel. Alternatively, you could focus on a current hot topic to draw in viewers who are interested in that topic and then link it to your main content. Alternatively, if you’re having trouble deciding on the content for your first video, try brainstorming ideas and creating a list of possible topics. Once you have a few ideas, do some research to see which topic is likely to get the most views and engagement from your target audience.

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