How To Loop A Youtube Video Between Time Frames

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How To Loop A Youtube Video Between Time Frames

YouTube is a great platform to view and share videos of all sorts. It also offers its users some fun ways to manipulate videos and make them even more interesting. Here we look at looping a video between time frames so it can be used as a sort of slideshow.

Step 1: Open The Video Gear Settings

Find the video you want to loop and click the gear icon next to it. This will open a menu with the general settings for the video, such as the quality and closed captions.

Step 2: Set The Start Time

Find the start time field in the menu and input the starting point for the loop. This can be in the form of hours:minutes:seconds. Make note of this as we’ll need it for the end time.

Step 3: Set The End Time

Again find the end time field in the menu and input the end point for the loop. Again, use the h:m:s system. Make sure that this time is greater than the start time you entered.

Step 4: Enable The Loop Option

Find the toggle labeled “Loop” in the menu and switch it to the right to enable it. This will make sure that the video will loop again at the end of the timeline.


Looping is a great way to create a slideshow feeling within a video. It can be used with music videos and all sorts of creative videos. To do this, all you need to do is:

  • Open the video gear settings
  • Set the start time
  • Set the end time
  • Enable the loop option

Now you’ll be able to create funny or compelling looped videos for everyone to enjoy.

1. What tools or methods can be used to loop a YouTube video between different time frames?

One tool or method for looping a YouTube video between different time frames is to use the YouTube API. The API allows developers to access and manipulate video data, including playback rate, video position, and custom timestamps. This can be used to programmatically loop a video between certain time frames. Additionally, browser extensions such as YouTube Loop may be used to achieve the same effect.

3. What are the steps involved in looping a video in a specific time frame?

The steps involved in looping a video in a specific time frame are as follows:

1. Select the video file in your video editing software of choice.

2. Go to the timeline and select the range you want to loop from start to end.

3. Select the option “Repeat” or “Loop” within your video editing software.

4. Set the number of times you want the video to loop, or specify the loop length in frames or seconds.

5. Play the looped video to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

6. Export the file if everything looks good.

4. Is there any setting in YouTube or any other platform to loop a video?

Yes, there are settings in YouTube and other video streaming services to loop a video. For YouTube, go to the video page and click on the Settings (gear) icon and select the “Loop” option to loop the video. For other video streaming services, follow the instructions given by the service provider.

5. Is there a specific time limit for looping a YouTube video?

No, there is no specific time limit for looping a YouTube video. The length of the video and the computer or device being used may affect the amount of time it can be looped.

2. Is it possible to loop a section of a YouTube video?

No, it is not possible to loop a specific section of a YouTube video. YouTube does not provide an option to loop a section of a video. The only way to loop a YouTube video is to use a third-party tool or an app.

What software can I use to loop a YouTube video between time frames?

The free and open source software Audacity is an excellent choice for looping YouTube videos between time frames. It is a highly versatile audio editing software that allows you to manipulate audio sources and create loops with precise control of start and end times. Additionally, it also allows you to modify the pitch, tempo, and speed of the audio, providing a wide array of customization options.

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