How To Increase Views On Youtube

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How To Increase Views On Youtube

Youtube is the most popular video streaming platform sprawling around the world. From youngsters to elders, everyone loves Youtube. Creating content based on your area of expertise, creativity, and interest is the key to obtain more YouTube viewers. Here’s how to increase views on Youtube.

Identify Your Target Audience

The first step towards increasing viewership of your videos is to identify who is your target audience. You need to be clear about age groups, interests, and the geography you want to target. It is always helpful to divide your target audience by categories and then create content accordingly. You can segment your users based on topics and then make content that answers user-defined queries and interests.

Choose Appropriate Titles and Thumbnails

Your titles and thumbnails for the videos you upload should be catchy and unique. The titles and thumbnails should reflect the content of the video, so that the viewers can get an idea of what the video is about. This can be done by mentioning the main points of the video in the title, and adding a relevant image for the thumbnail.

Optimize for Search Engines and Tags

You can also increase views on Youtube by applying implementation tactics and optimization practices to your videos. Optimize your videos for search engine visibility by using long-tail keywords and phrases in the name and description of the video. Additionally, tag your videos with relevant keywords in order to draw attention from search engine users. This will ensure that your videos come up more often in organic search results and increase view counts.

Share Content on Social Media

Social media is a great way to increase the visibility of your videos and gaining more views on Youtube. Make sure to share your videos on all relevant social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Utilize hashtags and Facebook groups to amplify the reach of your content.

Promote Videos on Other Websites

YouTube’s algorithm rewards content creators when users watch videos on their website. To get more views, you can promote your videos on other websites such as Reddit and Quora by linking to the YouTube video. Additionally, you can create partnerships with related content companies to cross-promote each other’s content.

Connect with Influencers

The best way to promote your videos is by connecting with influencers and networking with them. Influencers have great reach and audience, and these are the people who can help you spread the word about your videos and gain more views. Thus, find the right influencers and collaborate with them to increase your video visibility.


Increasing views on Youtube requires some effort, but the rewards of having a successful Youtube channel are beyond measure. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you will be able to increase your viewership and gain more success on Youtube.

What should content creators do to ensure that their videos are optimized for organic search on YouTube?

Content creators should ensure that their videos are properly optimized for organic search on YouTube by doing the following:

1. Choose descriptive titles, tags, and file names.

2. Create compelling video descriptions that include relevant keywords and backlinks.

3. Include transcripts and closed captions for improved accessibility.

4. Add annotations to increase engagement and promote other videos.

5. Create playlists that relate to each other’s topics.

6. Leverage social media to promote the video regularly.

7. Use YouTube cards to promote other content.

8. Encourage viewer engagement through comments and likes.

9. Optimize the thumbnail of the video for maximum visibility.

10. Utilize YouTube’s video analytics for insight and optimization.

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