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How to Hide Your YouTube Subscribers Count

How to Hide Your YouTube Subscribers Count

Having a high YouTube subscriber count can often be difficult to achieve, and is something many people strive for. While having a lot of subscribers is something to be proud of, there are times you might not want them on full display. In these cases, you may want to hide your YouTube subscribers count from the public. Here are some ways to do so:

Step 1: Make Your Channel Private

The first step in hiding your YouTube subscribers count is to make your channel private. This means that it can only be viewed by people you have approved as subscribers. Doing this will ensure your count is not visible to the public. To do this, you will need to navigate to the “Advanced Settings” tab and select the “Privacy” tab, then uncheck the box that says “Make my channel and videos public”.

Step 2: Delete Your Subscribers List

You can also delete your subscribers list, which will make your subscribers count disappear. This can be done by going to the tab labeled “Subscribers” and deleting the list of subscribers.

Step 3: Change Your Privacy Settings

You can also change your privacy settings to hide your subscriber count. To do this, go to your “Privacy” section and select the “Hide My Subscribers” option. This will make your subscriber count private and will no longer be visible to the public.

Step 4: Consider Third-Party Services

Finally, if you don’t want to change your privacy settings, you can consider using third-party services that can hide your YouTube subscribers count. Some of these services, such as TubeBuddy, SubscriberCount, and Shrouded Count, offer ways to keep your subscribers count hidden.

By following these steps, you can easily hide your YouTube subscribers count from the public. Keep in mind, however, that hiding your count does not guarantee your subscribers won’t find it elsewhere. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of how other users may access your data, such as through archiving or analytics tools.

3. What kind of settings need to be changed in order to hide a YouTube subscriber count?

In order to hide a YouTube subscriber count, you need to open up yourYouTube Studio account settings and go to the “Customization” section. From here, you can toggle the visibility of your subscriber count, meaning you can hide it from your channel’s view. You can also disable your YouTube channel trailer from this section as well.

5. How can personalized access analytics support hiding a YouTube subscriber count?

Personalized access analytics can help hide a YouTube subscriber count by allowing users to track the viewership of their own content without disclosing the subscriber count of their channel. This can help protect the identity of the user and the content of the channel, while still allowing them to gain insights into how their content is performing. It can also provide personalized insights into user engagement, allowing the user to track which videos are getting the most views and interactions.

4. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to hiding YouTube subscriber count?


1. Removing the emphasis on numbers can allow channels to focus on making quality content and building relationships with viewers, not getting caught up in the numbers game.

2. Hiding subscriber count can also take away some of the pressure on smaller channels. It eliminates the feeling of competition with bigger channels on the platform.

3. In some cases, it can even protect smaller channels from the predatory behavior of larger channels looking to discredit any competition.


1. Hiding subscriber counts can make it difficult for new channels to gain traction, as viewers are unable to immediately assess the popularity of the channel before viewing.

2. Subscribers can easily be discouraged as they won’t get a chance to see the growth in a channel’s numbers over time.

3. Not being able to gauge a channel’s popularity or size can also make it harder to reach collaborations with other channels or brand deals.

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