How To Find Unlisted Videos List Without a Link

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What are unlisted videos on YouTube? A YouTube video that is not listed can be seen by people who have the video URL. It will not be displayed in public locations, such as search results, channels, or subscription feeds. How can I locate unlisted YouTube videos that lack links?

Have you ever made a YouTube video unavailable to the public? If not, create a nice video with MiniTool program and publish it to YouTube as unlisted.

After uploading, do you know where this unlisted YouTube video may be found? What do you know? The unlisted video does not display on your YouTube channel, making it harder to locate.

Don’t fret. Using the procedures outlined below, you may quickly determine if your movie is unlisted.

How to Locate Your Own Unlisted Videos on YouTube

Step 1: Login to your YouTube account through a web browser or the YouTube app, then click on your profile in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Then, from the drop-down option, pick YouTube Studio.

Step 3: Select Videos from the menu on the left.

This will open a new page where you can view all of your posted YouTube videos. Then, you may choose to watch any unlisted videos.

How to Locate Unlisted Videos on YouTube

Unlisted videos on YouTube are similar to public videos, however they will not display in search results. Compared to locating your own hidden YouTube videos, it is more difficult to locate the unlisted videos of others.

You can see an unlisted video if you know its URL or the page that embeds or links to it. What if you do not know the webpage’s URL or location? Currently, there is no specific technique for locating unlisted YouTube videos uploaded by others, however this page outlines three potential approaches for locating these videos.

Unlisted Video hosting website

Unlisted Films, a website launched on 28 December 2014 by Statistical Consultants Ltd., allows users to upload, search for, and view unlisted YouTube videos. No registration is required. However, as indicated on the page, this website is not secure.

Lookup operators

Search operators are symbols and phrases that deliver targeted results to users. By utilizing Google’s search operators, users may refine their search results and obtain more specific results. As YouTube videos will be included in Google search results, these operators can assist users in locating unlisted YouTube films.

Using YouTube playlists

Anyone having the video’s sharing link can redistribute it. If someone uploads an unlisted video to a public YouTube playlist, it is more likely that you will discover and view it, regardless of whether you have the URL. However, it is only accessible via the playlist view.

  • Why Use Unlisted Videos on YouTube
  • Share videos with family and friends.
  • Permit subscribers to view the video prior to its release to the public.
  • Want to delete outdated videos, but keep them accessible to those who have embedded them.
  • Receive video comments from others.

Use as an online résumé to share with prospective employers during job interviews.

Bottom Line

How to locate unlisted YouTube videos has been explored previously. Why not try it out now? If you have any questions or comments regarding it, please contact us at [email protected] or post them in the forum below.

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