How To Find Someone’s Youtube Channel Id

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How To Find Someone’s YouTube Channel ID

If you’re looking to find someone’s YouTube Channel ID, there are a number of different methods you can use. Knowing a YouTube channel ID is a great way to keep track of channels you’re subscribed to, create special customization links and start to notice trends in content producers.

Using the About Page of the YouTube Channel

The quickest and the most straightforward way to find someone’s YouTube Channel ID is to look for it in the about page of the YouTube channel. The about page of a channel displays some general information about the channel, such as the channel name, the join date, the total number of uploads and the channel ID.

a screenshot of the about page of a YouTube channel

Another way to find someone’s YouTube Channel ID is to search for it in YouTube Search. You can do this by entering a person’s name in the search bar, clicking on the relevant search result and then looking for the YouTube Channel ID in the URL. Make sure you don’t get confused between the username and the Channel ID.

Using the Channel Banner

Finally, you can also find someone’s YouTube Channel ID by clicking on the channel banner. When you do so, you’ll be taken to a page showing the channel’s profile information, including the Channel ID.

a screenshot of a YouTube channel banner with the profile information shown

As you can see, there are several different methods you can use to find someone’s YouTube Channel ID. Take some time to explore all of the different options and you’ll be able to find the Channel ID of any channel you’d like.

Is it possible to recover a lost YouTube Channel ID?

Unfortunately, no. YouTube does not provide any way to recover a lost Channel ID. Your best bet is to try to contact YouTube Support to see if they can help you locate it.

Does a YouTube Channel ID change over time?

No, a YouTube channel ID does not change over time. It’s a permanent identifier that is unique to each channel.

What is a YouTube Channel ID?

A YouTube Channel ID is a unique identifier for a specific YouTube Channel and is used to help verify if a viewer is subscribed to a particular channel or not. It is typically composed of a combination of letters and numbers, usually found in the URL of the channel, and is used by YouTube to keep track of different channels.

How can I find someone else’s YouTube Channel ID?

To find someone else’s YouTube Channel ID, go to their YouTube Channel page, click the “About” tab, and look for the “Channel ID” field. The Channel ID is usually a combination of letters and numbers, and it is typically displayed right after the username or channel name.

How do I know that I have the right YouTube Channel ID?

Visit the Google Developers site and enter the URL of your YouTube Channel into the search box provided. You will get the channel ID associated with your channel, which is the same as the username of your channel.

What is the difference between a Youtube username and a Youtube channel ID?

A YouTube username is the name that a user has chosen to be identified by on YouTube and appears as part of the URL (for example, A YouTube channel ID is a unique identifier assigned to a YouTube channel. It is a numerical code used to identify a channel within the YouTube database. It can be found in the channel’s URL (for example,

What is the format of a YouTube channel ID?

A YouTube channel ID is typically a combination of characters and numbers that appear in the URL of the channel page. It generally appears after “/channel/” and follows the format “UCXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”.

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